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There is a "clockspring" in the steering column that is probably broken. When the clockspring breaks, the airbag light comes on. The "clockspring" takes the place of the old slip rings and spring loaded contacts used in older cars and is used to transfer circuits from the steering wheel to the stationary column making the airbag, horn and speed control operational. To replace involves removing the airbag. Take it to the dealer.

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Airbag light on cruise control and horn not working?

Possible clockspring failure.

Why is the cruise control stop working on 1995 aerostar all fuses where checked and found ok?

You have an broken wire in the clock spring.

Why horn and cruise control quit working on 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

Probably a bad clockspring, be carefull that probably meens you're airbag is out of function too, Does the airbag light come on?

What fuses control cruise control?

2004 sebring convertable cruise control not working - what to do?

Your 1996 Plymouth voyager 3.0L had airbag light on and cruise control wasn't functioning after changing the clockspring cruise control is working but the airbag light is still on How can it be fixed?

If it were me I would take the air bag back out and make sure the wires arn't "pinched" or broken and make sure that it has a good tight connection with the clockspring connector. If that doesnt solve it then the airbag control unit has failed for somereason. Hope this helps some.

Where is the Cruise Control module for a 03 Dodge Stratus?

On the steering wheel by the airbag

Is there a fuse or relay for 99 grand caravan cruise control.. light on dash not working but airbag and horn work fine..I don't think its the clock spring?

I believe there is no fuse just for the cruise control. The cruise control circuit is covered by the PCM. However, I would check the switches on the brake pedal.

Where is cruise control relay on 1994 F150?

The cruise control relay on a 1994 F150 is operated by a switch behind the horn pad and airbag on the steering wheel. The switch will probably need replacement if the cruise control in your vehicle is malfunctioning.

Is there a reason why your cruise control and your horn stopped working at the same time and could it be related to the airbag recall on your Honda Odyssey Van airbag?

There is a device under the airbag called a clock spring. This coiled tape contains electrical conductors, and allows for rotation of the steering wheel without twisting the conductors. If this tape gets kinked or broken, that would explain why your horn and cruise control both stopped working at the same time (assuming steering wheel mounted cruise control). To check or replace the clock spring, the air bag must be removed on most models, which can be dangerous unless the air bag is properly disabled.

Cruise control stop working on 98 Nissan sentra What is the problem?

cruise control does not work when headlights are on

What would cause cruise control to stop working on a 1989 chevy truck?

the cruise control is broken....

Which relay under the hood on a 97 ford Aerostar controls horn and cruise control?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but if your horn and cruise control stopped working at the same time , it might be the clock-spring inside your steering wheel column cover . The clockspring allows a person to turn the steering wheel while still maintaining the electrical connections to your horn and cruise control buttons

Cruise control and horn not working on 1998 town and country mini van Not fuse because horn sounds with remote start?

replace clock spring for airbag in streeing column.

Dodge Caravan 2002 airbag light on cruise and horn not working fuse ok?

You need to have someone with a scan tool check the airbag system for trouble codes. The airbag system is not a place for do it your selfers.

Can somebody tell you why your cruise control and horn on your 94 aerostar quit working and how to fix it tried fuses no luck?

I had that problem and had to replace the clock spring in the steering wheel. It's a coil of flat wire that breaks.

Cruise control and horn stopped working on 1997 Plymouth voyager Fuses good How do you fix?

Possible answerIs the airbag idiot light illuminated on the dash? There is a recall concerning airbag/clockspring failure on the 97. My horn failed when this repair was needed. Don't have cruise control on my vehicle. AnswerThis is caused by the clock spring inside the steering wheel behind the airbag. There is a recall for this problem. Take your car to any Plymouth dealer and it will be fixed for free. Call them first so they will have the clock spring in stock.

Where do you find the fuse for the cruise control on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Are you sure you need the fuse for the cruise control. My cruise control wasn't working, neither were my brake lights. All 7 bulbs were burnt out. When the brake lights were replaced the cruise control worked.

Why isnt my cruise control working?

Start with checking the fuse.

Why did the cruise control stop working or work intermittently on an Intrigue?

My 2002 Olsmobile Intrique cruise control works some times when you set it, why?

Why did cruise control on 1998 dodge caravan quit working?

I have been doing a little research here, and my cruise control quits working when the airbag light goes on and stays lit. I just went to the site and checked for recall information under the owner services tab. Turns out the previous owner never had the recall items repaired. It could be a problem with the control, but I am feeling more like it is clockspring related.

Why won't the cruise control work on a 2003 Ford F-150?

cruise control not working,u need to check the fuses also check the clutch safety switch as this also has to do with cruise control

What possible reason for cruise control and traction control not working on Rover 75?

It is possible that the traction control module is not working and may need replacing.

What would make cruise control stop working on a 1990 Chevy silverado?


What will cause cruise control to suddenly quit working on a 1990 325i?

on some cars the cruise control cuts out on its own in Case you have fallen a sleep

Does the ribon wire for cruise control come out of the airbag steering circle on 99forester?

Yes, on a 1999 Subaru Forester, the ribbon wire for cruise control is inside of the steering wheel. The same ribbon also controls the horn.