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What can I check on my Chevy Silverado to see why my brake lights aren't working?

the connection between the battery and the brake lights

How do you fix lights Chevy S-10 1993?

Headlights? Brake lights? Tail lights? Signal lights? Courtesy lights? Dash lights? Check engine lights? Need more info please.

1985 bronco brake lights dont work but all other lights do work you replaced brake light switch and bulbs?

Check the brake light fuse. If you have 12 volts at the brake light switch I would suspect the signal light switch is at fault.

Why on your 93 s10 blazer do your brake lights not work with the headlights on and with them off if you push the brake the brake lights work but the front left parking light comes on as well?

The head light switch is shorting out ,or a bad connection

Why When lights are on the right brake light wont work but when the lights are off both tail lights work?

Check the ground wire. You have a bad connection somewhere.

Why don't my tail lights brake lights and signal lights not work?

There could be a severed connection somewhere along the line, or it could just be a blown fuse

Where is the backup light switch on a 2004 silverado 1500?

Mine was found on the stearing column near the brake pedal. Changing it did not solve my problem. Neither brake light in the fenders work. The brake light on the cab works. The courtesy lights do not work when I open the doors. The courtesy lights work when I use the remote to unlock the doors. We checked all fuses, lights. They are all good. My Chevy dealer has never heard of this problem but was willing to check it for a hefty fee.

Would anyone know why your transmission isn't coming out of park and the brake lights wont come on but the parking lights on the back and headlights work on a 96 civic dx?

Look at your brake pedal where it connects under the dash. The problems you are having are both related to the brake pedal. There is a safety feature that won't allow you to shift your tranny until you have applied the brake, and since your brake lights are not coming on, there is either an electrical connection or a mechanical connection that is not working.

Your brake lights on your 2002 Acura RSX arent working but your tail lights are?

The brake lights and tail lights are separate wiring systems. Even some of the bulbs may have two separate bulbs in the same glass housing. If the bulbs are in fact working, then the next step would be to test the brake switch under the dash. When you depress the brake pedal the switch is pushed creating a connection to turn on the brake lights.

What is the problem if you have tail lights but only one brake light?

The tail light/brake light bulb has two filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, you will get either only tail lights, or brake lights. If a new bulb doesn't work, then you have a broken wire or bad connection in your plug-in.

What does it mean when the brake lights work on a 2006 Escalade but the tail lights do not work?

The tail lights and the stop lights work off of different circuits. The stop lights work when the brake pedal is depressed while the tail lights work when the light switch is turned on. Look for a burnt fuse or a bad connection.

What will cause the rear brake lights on a 97 Toyota camary not to flash?

It can be connection wires, bulbs or fuses.

Does the 1967 Pontiac GTO have a separate fuse for the brake lights?

If everything else works but the brake lights, check the brake light switch. It's mounted up under the dash and when you push the brake pedal a spring loaded plastic rod extends, making the connection inside the switch to light the brake lights. This is a pretty common wear item.....and fairly inexpensive.

Why would the turn signals work on a 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo but not the brake lights or tail lights?

Rear loom ground not contacting. Bulbs burned out or missing. Brake light switch or connection to it is fubared.

Blinker and brake lights quite working on a 1993 ford f150?

A bad ground wire is the most common cause of turn signals and brake lights not working. The ground wire connection might be corroded.

What causes lights to blink on and off in your car?

The flasher unit for the indicators. Pressing and releasing the foot brake for the brake lights. Turning the light switch on and of for the others. If it is not any of these then there is an electrical fault, possibly a loose connection.

Daewoo brake lights?

Yes, it has brake lights.

Your 99 f150 has no brake lights all other lights are okrunning lights directials ect?

It has a separate fuse .I bet you have a trailer connection. The correct fuse is noted in the owners manual.

Why does the Brake light come on when the headlights are turned on?

bad connection/short or burnt out brake bulb. Check the harness both under the steering wheel and at the lights.

Brake lights dont work on your 1997 Ford Taurus..has to be the wires.. maybe the brake switch..?

First things first you need to check your fuses. In the owners manual you will find the location of the fuse that relates to the brake lights. Take the fuse out and hold it up to see if the connection is broken if it is replace and the brake lights should work.

Where are all the brake light grounds on 1990 sundance when the headlights are off then brake lights are fine but when u turn headlights on then the brake lights don't work except the cyclops lights.?

You probably have a loose wire connection in the brake light sockets. Insert a nail or probe tip into the back of the light socket where the wires are inserted and test the brake lights. (The socket can appear perfectly normal and the wires may even seem well attached.)

What light bulbs are used in a 2005 Chevy Tahoe?

Low beam head lights? High beam head lights? Day time driving lights? Tail lights? Brake lights? Dash lights? Signal lights? Dome light? Glove compartment light? Trunk light? License plate light? Courtesy lights? Give us a clue.

Chevy Tahoe brake lights?

Yes they indeed have brake lights...

What kind of brake fluid in a 96 ford bronco?

For a 1996 Ford Bronco : DOT 3 brake fluid ( meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

What if the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up?

Then the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up. (:

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