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What would cause the transmission to make a whining noise when put into gear on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

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The torque converter might be going. but first check your fluid level.

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Whining noise in transmission?

A whining noise in the transmission is usually an indication the transmission fluid is low. Check the transmission fluid and fill it to the recommended level.

Can tire cause a whining noise that sonds like a transmission problem?

it can if it has uneven wear

Why wpould you hear a whining noise from your car only when gear engaged and accelerating not while coasting etc not really any noise on deceleration either it is an automatic transmission?

Friction in the transmission system may cause whining noise when a car is accelerating. A poor engine or clutch assembly may cause the excess friction in the transmission system.

What is the cause of a whining automatic transmission noise on a 2000 Mazda protege?

There can be many causes for a whining noise in automatic transmissions. The least expensive thing you can try to eliminate the noise is to have the transmission fluid and filter changed. Some shops will only replace the fluid unless you ask for the filter to be changed, so ask.

98 ford expedition is it common to have a whining noise come from the transmission?

it has the wrong fluid in the transmission

What would cause a whining noise in the passenger front end of a 99 beetle when backing up?

== == Could be the transmission, or a front brake is sticking on.

What can cause whining noise while driving?

The kids in the back.

How can you tell if the transmission on a 1998 Chevy Malibu is going bad?

You can tell if the transmission, in your 1998 Chevy Malibu, is going bad. If there is a whining or clunking noise. The transmission might cause your engine to install when you are stopped with your foot on the brake.

What could cause the transmission on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan to make a shuddering sound while the engine is idling but it stops when accelerating?

This vehicle is notorious for a "whining" noise. The slower you drive, the louder it is. At first I thought our power-steering pump was going, or the transmission was whining. Two mechanics told me it's normal. Just a quirk with Dodge/Chrysler products. I had that whining noise and it was the alternator making the noise through the radio. even when the radio is off. Just a thought.

How can you tell if the transmission is bad on your 2002 Lincoln ls?

gears kicking, lots of whining noise??

What can cause a whining noise when making a sharp turn?

Car wheels on the pavement.

1999 C230 Mercedes Benz makes a whining noise from the rear of the Transmission in any gear?

The noise is due to bad gears or bearings in your rear differential.

Can a loose belt cause your car to make a whining noise?

yes but why would you leave it loose?

What would cause a 2006 Chevy Impala to make a whining noise when accelerated?

ON the 2006 impala that whining noise is actually the electronics when you accelerate. Its more or less electronic pulses/signals My 06 Impala is the same.

What is causing a whining noise when you are decelerating the car at about 30 mph?

loose timing belt, low transmission fluid in transaxle.

Would the tensioner pully cause a whining noise?

Yes, the bearing in that pulley may be going bad.

What would cause a whining noise in a 97 Ford Expedition XLT when in Reverse or Drive?

check transmission fluid level . then check differential oil level also that model ford needed additive in diff oil to stop noise was a ford recall on that

Whining noise between 40-65 2001 sebring?

My 2000 sebring did the same thing. I was told it was my temperamental transmission.

Have a whining noise near belts was making a knocking sound before and had pulley's adjusted whining noise stops when you turn and hold steering wheel what could this be?

Whining noise near belts had pulleys adjusted any idea what is causing this

Answering What would cause a whining noise on a 1996 Stratus 2.4 DOHC 4 cyclender if it's not the alternator?

== ==

Why does a suzuki quadrunner make a loud winding noise when revved up?

According to the manufacturer, there is nothing abnormal about the whining sound in the transmission. It is a normal sound as the transmission moves through its ranges.

What are signs of auto transmission going?

when my 1992 camaro's transmission went bad it made a whining noise and when the fluid was checked, it was a brown color with flakes of metal in it. the fluid should be red.

What would cause a loud whining noise in the right front end and shaking of steering wheel when you brake?

Possible its time to change those brake pads out. The whining noise is possibly the metal grinding to your rotor, which would cause your wheel to shake. Consider getting those rotors turned as well.

Huskee mower makes winding noise?

There can be several issues that will cause your lawnmower to make a whining noise. The most common reason is a bad bearing in the mower deck.

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of your 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo especially during cold weather?

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of a 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo, especially during cold weather, is the idler pulley. This is located at the driver's side of the engine between the alternator and a/c pump.