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What would cause your right signal to flash in a normal rhythm and the left to flash very rapidly?


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2011-06-26 21:06:24
2011-06-26 21:06:24

One of your bulbs(front or rear) are out on the left.

AnswerIt could be because the light on the left is already burnt or is about to burn out. Answerthe wire/connector became disconnected on my 10 yr old honda.

It is most likely dodgy connections between the rear light units and the connector blocks. Disconnect the connector blocks and use a small screw driver to bend the pins so the there is more pressure between the two connecting surfaces. Use some emery paper to give the connections all a good clean. That should fix it.


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One of the bulbs is burned out on the left side. The left front or rear bulb is burned out. Same problem with left side blinking rapidly and right side blinking normal speed. Both left side bulbs are lighting up, however?? Replaced both anyway and the problem still exists.

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You have a live wire shorting out in the signal circuit. Check the wire harness for damage.

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