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What would make a 1991 Lincoln 302 run hot after changing the water pump thermostat and radiator?


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2005-11-05 04:15:52
2005-11-05 04:15:52

putting the belt on wrong - AS it will reverse direction of impeller.a blown head gasket-& I bought 2 NEW radiators that were BLOCKED in the middle of the RADIATOR for MY car.(they were a CHEAP BRAND)defective thermostat. most likely you have a blown had get the cylinders pressure ched are you blowing out white smoke when you excelarate if so blown gasket. Before you jump off the bridge, you may have a defective t-stat, fairly common among parts with new ones for whatever reason. You may just have an air pocket. Why did you change all those parts in the first place? IS the gauge accurate? that is is the engine temp. really hot or the gauge just indicating that? Is the cooling fan going on?


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check that the thermostat was not put in upside down. also check radiator cap pressure

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The thermostat is located on the front bottom of the engine. You can follow the radiator water hose from the radiator to the thermostat.

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Remove the top water line from the radiator to the water pump. The thermostat is found there.

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On a 1990 Lincoln Town Car ( 302 cubic inch / 5.0L V8 engine ) Follow the top radiator hose to the front of the intake manifold on the top of the engine . Where the radiator hose connects to the water outlet . The engine cooling thermostat is INSIDE the housing

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