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Was there a good reason to replace all of those parts? You should start with the simple things first, such as fuel filter. After you check the fule filter it also helped with my Jeep to check the Transmission Fluid. it seems to be on of the most forgotten fluids. If the fluid gets worn out it will feel like its sliping when put under a load. so good luck.

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Can 99 jeep run ok with-out catalic converter?

Can 99 jeep run ok with-out catalic converter

What is an intermediate pipe?

pipe between the catalic converter and muffler

Will a faulty catalic converter cause a 1998 Honda odyssey over heat?


Where is the 04 Saturn ion o2 sensor located?

in the exhaust manifold or before the catalic converter

Why does the Emission control light stays on your 1998 gmc pickup?

catalic converter was removed, or needs replacing

Where is the o2 sensor on a 2001 jetta?

It's the sparkplug looking thing sticking out of the exaust somewhere around the catalic converter

1994 trans am catalic converter makes rattle sound is it bad?

External heat shield or internal baffle broken

May you completely remove your catalic converter?

If you live in a city, state or country where emissions checks are mandatory to renew registration. Then removing your catalytic converter will make it impossible to renew your registration.

What would cause a 89 olds ciera to lose power when accelerating or car will not drive a hill car quits?

if its bogging down it could be catalic converter

How can you tell if your 1996 Chevy blazer catalic converter is bad?

The check engine light would come on and the code stored would refer to a bad cat.

How many catalic converters on 1992 grand marquis?

there are 4 catalic converters on a 1992 grand marquis

What causes extreme black soot and smoke to come from the exhaust of a 1993 Grand Am when it's running fine and the fluid levels are normal?

In some cases blocked catalic converter

What happens if i put too much oil in my Audi?

when you put too much oil: engine will lose much power oil push out and make damage your catalic converter

What was Grover Clevelands religion?


How long can I drive my car with a bad catalic convertor?

A partially clogged converter will rarely prevent you from driving the car. You can usually drive it indefinitely if it is only partially clogged. You will however see a drop in performance and fuel mileage. Once the converter becomes completely clogged, which is will over time, it must be replaced. Also if you have state emissions testing it will fail with a bad converter. A bad converter is also polluting the atmosphere. Before replacing the converter find out why it failed. Also know that the converter may be covered by the 8 year 80,000 mile federal emissions warranty.

How do you change the Oxygen Sensor in a 1993 Dodge Shadow 3.0L V6?

It is behind the engine just above the catalic converter on the exost pipe. If you remove the plastic housing that holds the air filter, you will find it strate down. It will probably be rusted to the exost pipe.

What would cause a Toyota to stall?

cloged catalic converter,remove and drill out both ends to remove inside material. or buy a test pipe to replace it. also make sure spark plug is exact type,may require platinum plug.

1996 chey lumina overheating radiator replaced The car continues overheating it lost power when driving then just shut off It contpnues to over heat can it be the catalic converter?

Did you replace the thermostat, and check the water pump? Does the cooling fan operate as it should? A plugged catalytic converter can cause overheating. If above items check out OK you need to check for leaking head gasket.

Damage caused by bad catalytic converter on Lincoln ls 2002?

Usually when a Catalic Converter becomes unusable, it is usually caused by a enriched fuel system. The rich fuel mixture causes the internal catalyst to become they usually generally melted down inside. This excessive heat is built up when the engine is running in a "too rich fuel mixture". After the converter has been replaced, the automobile should be taken to a repair facility, and have them connect their electronic control monitoring equipment to your on board computer, so the reason for the enriched fuel mixture can be determined and repaired.

What are 2 ways car manufactures are using to reduce air pollution?

Most manufactures do it. They use catalic converters.

Where is oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor 1 on a 97 Mazda mx6?

I don't know. I'm just navigating. There are only 2 O2 sensors on a 97 MX6. the first one is rigth off the headers in the front of your car (should see a little wire going to it) 2nd is right after the catalic converter underneath the car

Does the catalic converter put out heat under the car?

Operation temp of a converter can be in the hundreds of degrees. If it is glowing red under the vehicle there is a problem, if just normal color (rusty etc.) then it's o/k. If the heat shielding is intact/not intact (on older vehicles it corrodes & falls off) you may want to keep to the roadways in a park or while camping and keep out of the long grassy fields. Unless of course you don't like your car and want higher insurance rates....

Where is the rear oxygen sensor in a 1995 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab 2WD 5 speed manual?

I have a 1997 and a 1998 tacoma and I had to change that same sensor on both of them so that it can pass smog and on both of the cars they were on the exhaust right after the catalic converter. It is bolted down into the pipe (Just so you know, it was a pain to take of. I had to take out of both the exhausts just to get to the sensor).

99 Grand Prix GT: you get hard shifting in your automatic transmission when it's warm Could it be the trans fluid temperature sensor?

,y car is doing the same runs fine cold once its warm shiofts hard i changed the catalic converter its a lil better whats else could it be if you know or found out please contact me

What is the problem when my engine knocks and then when i step on the gas it makes a poppin sound and almost stales on a 1990 Chevy corsica?

that Really sounds like the catylyst in your catalic converter is pretty much shot...gone.. which could cause your car to catch on fire. if the catylyst is just ruined it'll break down and shoot itself into the muffler, get really hot, and eventually catch fire.