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This is an invalid question dogpile is not a web browser ... a web browser is, well a piece of software used primarily to browse website. dogpile as well as Google are search engines, pieces of software used to search databases of website, the user interacts with theses though web interfaces / website. for a valid question my answer would be Google, through the fact that it's the most well-known search engine on the internet and it's database is larger than all others, ... and for the record you cannot compare dogpile to Google, as dogpile draws queries from Google, Yahoo, etc. a good comparison would be between Google msn and yahoo, in which case Google comes out on top as expected.

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Is dogpile a web browser?

dogpile is like google, it is a search engine

How does dogpile differ from Google or ask?

Dogpile is a metasearch engine

Web browser search engine?

AOL, MSN, Google, Bing, 20search, AltaVista, All The Web, Yippy, and Dogpile

What is a web page that enables users to send one query out to multiple search engines for simultaneous processing?

Dogpile searches Google ,Yahoo and Bing. Pipl does this for people focused searches. Webcrawler has done it almost from the beginning of the internet.

What are ways you can learn about your rights?

Google, Dogpile, Wikipedia, etc.

How is dogpile and Google different?

It is very simple to answer, what is difference between Dogpile and Google, one needs to carefully consider the different functions and capabilities of each search engine. For years, Google has offered the world's most popular Web search tool. In contrast, Dogpile is a much less well known. Dogpile can be described as a meta-search engine; it presents results from several different Web search tools including Bing, Yahoo! and Google.

What are some of the most used or most popular search engines called?

Some of the most used search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Answers, and the new one Dogpile. Dogpile, wich came out at about the year of 2011. It allows kid friendly searches on the internet for almost nearly every computer.

Is Google a graphical browser?

Google is not a browser. It is a company. Google has a browser called Chrome. Chrome is a graphical browser.

Is Google and Google Chrome is the same thing?

Google is a search engine or something that searches for and identifies specific information in a data base. Google Chrome is a web browser or a program that is used to retrieve and present information to you from the Internet.

Why is Google the biggest search engine?

Google has the most discrete advertising, loads very quickly because of the minimalistic home page. It also has lots of free products, such as Google Translate, Gmail, Google Drive and have released a browser - Google Chrome. Because Google chrome's default search is Google, and so many people use chrome, it is very popular. Google has over 5,134,000,000 searches every day.

What are some examples of search engines?

What is the impact of cloning?

get the answer from another site like Google or dogpile or bing

What are different search engines available?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Dogpile

What are top 5 search engines?


What are some search engines other than Google?

Google, Yahoo!, Dogpile, Bing, and, to name a few..

Who invented Google Chrome browser?

GOOGLE has the copyright of the browser. Developers at Google developed it for them.

Is Google a web browser?

Google is a company. Google is most famous for its search engine (also called Google) but it does also have a web browser. This browser is called 'Google Chrome'.

What is the name of Google's web browser?

The name of Google web browser is Google Chome.

What is URL and where do you find it?

A URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, in your internet browser you enter it in your address bar. It basically searches the internet for the server who's address corresponds to the address you typed in. For example, is a URL. It searches for the "google" server on the world wide web, your browser requests information from the server, the server sends the information, and your browser displays it. I hope this answers your question = )

Do Google tracks your searches?


What Are the hacks for SSBB?

What are the searches for google? ask google.

What is the number 1 country that searches for PHP on Google?

The US has the most frequent searches of the acronym PHP on Google.

What is the difference between Google Scholar and Google?

Google search just searches all the websites in their databases while the google scholar searches for reliable published articles.

What country does your last name Archuleta come from?

yahoo, dogpile, or google it, couch patatoe!

What are generl search places besides Google?

Ask, Bing, dogpile, Blackle etc.