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I have found that replacing the power window and/or regulator is made simple by using a Chilton's manual and following the directions,if any, that come with the part.


What kind of vehicle ? car, truck, van , go-cart??? a lot of them are different, the more info u give make model etc the better we can tell you what u need to know.

2001 Buick lesabre

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Q: Whats the procedure for replacing a window regulator on the front passenger side power window?
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Why does passenger window not work but drivers window does on your Toyota MR2 1996?

If it is electric windows it is the motor which needs replacing or it could be the regulator

Picture instructions on replacing window regulator in 1998 crown Victoria XL?

need instructions on replacing window regulator

How do you fix a car's power window?

usually by replacing window regulator.

How do you replace window regulator 2000 ford escort ZX2?


How do you fix passenger side window cable on a 2003 jeep?

If the window regulator cable has failed, the entire regulator will have to be replaced.

What needs replacing if the passenger window just fell down in the door of a 2005 Honda Element?

This is a common problem - the "power window regulator" has a plastic clip that can break - you can't buy the clip by itself, you'll need to replace the entire regulator.

If you are replacing the rear window regulator in your 2001 Lincoln LS how do you remove the bracket from the window?

The bracket snaps on the window over the plastic pin in the window. You need to pull the bracket away from the window to get it down and over the plastic pin. If you will be replacing the window regulator you can just cut the bracket where it snaps over the pin.

How do you replace a window motor and regulator on a Ford E150?

how do I replace the passenger side window regulator on an E250, 2006. the window will not release to push to top of window frame only half way?

How do you fix the passenger side window when it will roll down but will not roll back up?

Probably need to replace the window regulator.

How to Replace electric window regulator Chevy blazer s-10?

The process to replacing the window regulator involves removing the door panel,connections to the window switch and also the door handle bezels. I've included a video that will show you exactly what tools you need and how to get at the window regulator so that it can be replaced.

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion how do I replace the actuator on a 2006 Ford Focus with power window?

When replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion, you need to follow the instruction on the manual so as to be able to replace the actuator on a 2006 Ford Focus with power window.

How do you roll up passenger window in 1997 Camaro with a faulty power lock switch?

The lock switch has nothing to do with the window. If you have power windows and the window switch is bad, you can operate the window by jumping the wires on the switch plug. On my 91 Camaro RS, the window regulator (motor) stopped working. I bought a new regulator at Napa and replaced it. Replacing the window regulator requires drilling out the factory rivets. IMPORTANT! Before you start,you should drill a hole through the door and gear then install a temporary nut & bolt to lock the window in the up postion. This will prevent the window from falling while your fingers are near the gear.

How do you manually get the passenger side window up on a Lincoln Mark VIII after the interior panel has been removed and window is visible?

Remove the window motor from regulator. This will free the window for movement.

Why does the passenger window on your ford F-150 go down but only comes back up with assistance?

Possibly needs a window motor or a window regulator.

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion replacing a regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion Power Window-?

Chilton repair manuals for the Ford Fusion 2006 will show someone with mechanical experience how to repair the regulator. It would be best to take the vehicle to a mechanic if the owner does not have mechanical experience. This will insure that the regulator is repaired properly.

How does the window mechanism works to get the window up and down It has power but something seams to be either broken or disconnected Could it be the cable?

Check the clip fron the window to the regulator. These will break off and you will hear the motor working but the window will not go up or down. You can replace your regulator and motor as one unit for little cost, if broken. You might get away with just replacing the clip to your window/regulator.

How to change window motor in 2000 grand prix drivers window?

Lower window at least a couple of inches if possible. Remove interior door trim panel. Unplug anything at trim panel. Unplug window motor. Remove 2 bolts holding glass to regulator. Tilt window glass forward, then remove upward and outward from door. Remove 4 or seven bolts and/or nuts mounting regulator and motor to door frame. I think it's 4. Maneuver regulator out of door frame. If 4 in above step, remove 3 bolts mounting motor to regulator, otherwise you'll be replacing the whole regulator. Install by reversing above procedure.

On my 1999 Chevy cavalier the front electric passenger window opens and closes sometimes but seems stuck. What is causing this?

It is either the window motor or the window switch. That shoud be determined before replacing the window motor, but a weak motor will melt a window switch and it MAY be both. It could also be in need of some white grease on the regulator track inside the door but I doubt that.

Why did the driver window switch stop working when the passenger switch on the drivers side is still working?

Maybe its your driver-side window regulator that stopped working.

What causes the power window on passenger door not work but the others do?

It could be the window regulator which usually runs around $40 or the switch which runs around $8

Remote will not unlock all the doors on a seat leon?

have you changed the window regulator motor? It happened to me when I changed the passenger window regulator motor, my Leon was a 00 and the window regulator motor was a 02 model Leon and it wasn't communicating with the cars CPU properly so had to get another one second hand from a crashed 00 Leon

Why does the passenger window on my Dodge Caravan go down but will only go up sometimes Its not the switch because it does the same whether you try the drivers side panel or passenger?

Probably a weak power window motor or the window regulator is starting to act up

When replacing side window in 2001 grand am if the window isn't bolted tightly to the regulator will it cause the window to fall immediately or will it loosen slowly?

Either way you will have to fix it again so you should fix it right the first time and bolt it tightly to the regulator like it's supposed to be.

How do you role up a power window with your switch broken?

If you are replacing the regulator anyway, it comes with the new cables, so just use wire cutters to cut the old wires near the regulator. this will free the tension on the track, so you can lift the window.

Replacing the regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion replacing a regulator on a 2006 Ford Fusion Power Window?

When someone has some experience in repairing vehicles they can purchase a Chilton repair manual for the Ford Fusion to learn how to repair the regulator. If they do not have mechanical experience they should let a mechanic fix this to be certain it is repaired properly.