When are the American people going to force Congress to obey their oaths of office?

The question hits hard but misses the mark. officials in Congress, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch are sworn to the oath of protecting and honoring what is written in the US Constitution. Elected officials or high level appointees must meet the publics view that they are keeping true to their oath to honor the US Constitution. The recourse for failing or twisting the Constitution can mean being not re-elected or impeachment. Often times there is disagreement on these important matters. For example, many Constitutional experts, including the president himself have stated that not deporting millions of illegal immigrants violates the US Constitution in so far as the president must execute the laws passed by Congress. Currently a Federal court in Texas has stayed what that Court has determined is an unconstitutional act by the US President regarding immigration laws. That matter is yet to be finalized and it will take years to do so. In summary, these matters are often complex. Citizens need to stay alert as to what their officials are doing. The government must serve the people not the reverse. Serving the people is following the US Constitution.