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When changing the timing belt on the 2001 Accord V6 is it necessary to change the water pump?

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It is not necessary to change timing gears when changing a timing chain unless they have become worn. You won't know if this is the case until you get the cover off and inspect them. It is necessary to change any chain tensioners when you change your timing chain.

Changing a timing belt is very complex with hundreds of details. Directions for changing the timing belt can be obtained when you purchase the timing belt.

need help on changing 95 Honda accord ex water pump and timing belt.

There is no timing belt on 2004 Honda accord, but a timing chain.

how do i change my timing belt on my honda?

no you do not have to change the timing chain when changing the water pump.

The timing belt should be changed every 90,000 miles on a 93 Accord.

Why are you wanting to change the timing chain? You do not need to change it unless it has broken or is making noise. There is no scheduled maintenance on a timing chain as there is on a timing belt.

Changing the timing belt should only be attempted by and experience mechanic. The directions are very detailed and complex. Not properly following the timing belt procedures can result in ruining the entire engine.

The manual states that the timing belt on a 2004 Accord V6 should be replaced at 105,000 miles.

The timing belt on a 2000 Honda Accord should be changed every 75,000 miles. Failure to change at the appropriate time can result in engine failure.

2003 Honda Accord has a metal belt and does not need changing.On the V6 it must be changed every 105,000 miles. Warning: This is an interference engine. The 4 cylinder has a chain and requires no maintenance.

The 2013 Honda Accord has a timing chain. This is new for the Honda accord in 2013, previous years Honda Accord had a timing belt.

it has a timing chain, not a rubber belt. no need to change unless necessary

2003 Honda accord 4cyl doesnot have a timeingbelt.2003[ 4cyl] and lator have a timing chain that may not need to be replaced ever .

The Honda Accord timing belt should be changed every 75,000 miles. Failure to change the belt on the appropriate time schedule can result in immediate engine failure.

i want to replace the timing belt of my rav4, so some one told that we have to replace the water pump also, is it necessary can any one answer for this

A 1989 Honda Accord has a timing belt.

Timing chains are designed to last the life of the engine.Timing belts however are a different story. Need to know what year Accord and which engine you have.

You should change the timing belt on a 2003 when it wears out or breaks. Changing the belt beforehand is not needed.

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