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When changing your oil if you add 5 quarts of oil will it hurt the car?


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Not if 5 quarts is the correct amount. When you overfill the crankcase by a half quart or more, then you risk "foaming" the oil. If the oil level gets high enough, the spinning crankshaft can whip the oil up into a froth, like the stuff that sits on top of your cappuccino. And the problem with that is that the oil pump can't pump froth. Therefore it is just as bad as having no oil. Why not just put in the correct amount and not take the risk. An owner's manual will tell you the correct amount without any the guesswork. If you don't have a manual, add 4 quarts when changing the oil/filter. Start the engine and let it run for 20 seconds. Shut it off and wait 3 minutes, check the level and top it off. If it's overfull with 4 quarts (unlikely), drain it all and start over with 3. You will then know how much it takes.


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4.5 quarts is about what I use when changing oil and filter in mine.

4.6 32v.? Most likely 6 quarts. Add 5 and check it. If its low add another quart. Then check again.

Every V8 holds at least 5 quarts when changing the oil filter.

add three quarts then start car, then add 4th quart until line is midway between cold and hot .

In this 1990 Toyota year, five quarts of oil are needed. If your car burns oil, you may need to add more.

1997 Chevy Cavalier Oil Quantity Will Depend On The Oil Filter, If The Car Uses a Metal Oil Filter Located Under The Car, It Will Only Take 4.5 Quarts To fill it, But If It Uses a Paper Filter it will take 5 quarts. OVERFILLING CAN HURT THE ENGINE, DOING SO CAN CAUSE GASGETS TO FAIL Alway Check The Oil Dipstick After Filling To Assure You Have Put Appropret Amount in, and Always Start Engine After Filling Oil To Allow The Oil Filter To fill With Oil, Nomaly 10 seconds is best. put 5 qts in. it wont hurt a thing!! (unless it is too much and gets forced out seals causing leaks Add 3 1/2 quarts, start it, shut it off, wait a few munites and check it, adjust as needed.)

When changing the filter and fluids of a car, it is important to know the fluid capacity. A 2000 Isuzu Trooper uses 9.1 quarts of transmission fluid.

When changing the oil and oil filter of a car, it is important to know how much oil to put back in the car. A 2007 4 cylinder Honda Accord takes 4.5 quarts of engine oil.

5 quarts. If your not sure how much a car takes, start with 4 then start the car for a few seconds if you replaced the oil filter, then check the level. If its still low add more.

When changing fluids in a car, it is important to know the fluid capacity of the car. A 1999 Pontiac Grand AM holds about 5 quarts of transmission fluid.

Completely drained the transmission will take 4-6 quarts. Make sure car is running and at operating temperature before checking dipstick. Start with 4 quarts and add as needed.

If you're just draining and filling, 2 to 3 quarts are removed draining the trans. Add two, then drive the car and check the level. I

When changing the oil and the filter of a car, it is important to know how much engine oil to put back. In a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche a person needs six quarts of engine oil.

4.5 Quarts. But put 4 quarts in first, then start up the car and let it idle then check fluid and add fluid if needed.

My car has a capacity of 4.5 quarts but that has no bearing on what your cars capacity is which you fail to list.

The car takes 5.1 quarts of oil

because it is American ;-) I think you will need to add more to this question; car type, transmition, year, model...

It doesn't hurt it but it is not necessary.

When changing the oil filter or the oil of any car, it is important to know how much engine oil to put back into the car. For this specific vehicle, the oil capacity is 4.5 to 5 quarts.

When changing the transmission fluid and filter of a car, it is best to know how much transmission fluid goes back into the car. The 1998 Bravada takes close to 12 quarts of transmission fluid to fill.

it takes 5 quarts of oil for your car

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