When changing your oil if you add 5 quarts of oil will it hurt the car?

Not if 5 quarts is the correct amount. When you overfill the crankcase by a half quart or more, then you risk "foaming" the oil. If the oil level gets high enough, the spinning crankshaft can whip the oil up into a froth, like the stuff that sits on top of your cappuccino. And the problem with that is that the oil pump can't pump froth. Therefore it is just as bad as having no oil. Why not just put in the correct amount and not take the risk. An owner's manual will tell you the correct amount without any the guesswork. If you don't have a manual, add 4 quarts when changing the oil/filter. Start the engine and let it run for 20 seconds. Shut it off and wait 3 minutes, check the level and top it off. If it's overfull with 4 quarts (unlikely), drain it all and start over with 3. You will then know how much it takes.