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When did horses first come to the New World?

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The Spaniards first brought horses to the Americas in the 16th Century (1500s). They multiplied outside of captivity as "mustangs". The plains Native Americans who had previously pulled their belongings with travoy (travois) with women then used horses instead, increasing the range of their nomadic life. The Plains Indians developed into the world's best horse cavalry, capable of raiding hundreds of miles into foreign lands during seasons of the full moon. In Spanish, Mexican, Texas and US history, the Comanche are the most famous.

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Where did the first horses come from to get to the US?

The Spaniards brought them over when they found the 'New World'

Did the Vikings bring horses to the new world?

No, Horses were brought to the "new world" first by the conquistidores.

How did horses come to the new world?

The Spaniards brought them

Who first brought horses to America?

On their ealiest trips to the new world the Spanish brought their horses with them.

Where did the first mustang horse come from?

Mustangs are horses that reverted to their wild ways after escaping from their humans. The first mustangs were actually purebred Iberian horses that escaped into the North American wilderness when brought to the new world.

Who brought the first horses to the new world?

Fransico de Coronado

Where did the horses on the first fleet come from?

Originally (10000 years ago) horses came from the steppes of Asia.However, the horses that arrived in New South Wales on the First Fleet were purchased at Cape Town.

What Spanish explorer introduced horses to the New World?

Cortes intorduced horses to the New World.

Who bought horses to the New World?

Horses were brought to the new world by the Spanish. Todays descendants are the Mustang.

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Why did the Spanish bring horses to the new world?

Because that is how they got there if they had come by foot they would have been dead,so they took the fastest target of transportation which in this case would be horses !!!

When did horses first exist?

The first indigenous modern horse died out in the New World at the end of the Pleistocene, about 12 000 years ago.

Why did the Dutch first come to the Americas?

they came to explore the new world

What year did Christopher Columbus first come to the new world?


Which group of people brought the first horses to the New World?

The largest number of horses were brought by the Spanish Explorers, but about 500 years previously Viking explorers brought Fjord horses with them to what is now Newfoundland in Canada.

Why did the inuit come to the new world?

why did the inuits come to the new world

Did Columbus bring along any chickens geese or turkeys to The New World on his first visit?

No he did not, he only brought horses.

What did the spanish bring with them to the new world in 1492?


Who brought the first horses to the US?

Its said that the Spanish first brought horses over when they came over searching for new land

Which animals did Europe introduce to the new world?

Horses, pigs, chickens, but there main animal was horses for transspotation

Why did lief erikson come to the new world?

why did life Ericson come to the new world

Is kentuckey got the most horses in the world?

No New york does

What was the most likely effect of the success of Columbus' first voyage to the New World?

To the New world he brought disease, and he was the first of many men who will come to kill the people they find.

How did horses come to Wyoming?

The same way they came to all the United States. Europeans brought them when they discovered the 'New World'. They have been here every since.