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When did the Final Solution end?

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The final solution ended in 1945

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The end result was that it failed.

The end result of the final solution would be the get rd of all people that were not like him. When using the word him I am referring to Hitler.

The end of WW2 and the defeat of Germany.

because the end of the Final Solution was the death of the Jews.

the final outcome, the solution to the problem in the end, or the important thing that happens at the end. :)

Most of the Jews in Nazi controlled areas ended up dead. After all, that was the purpose of the 'Final Solution'.

The "Final Solution", or mass killing of Jews, did not end until Germany was invaded by the Allied forces. That was about when Hitler killed himself.

The Final Solution was the Holocaust.

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

Hitler was the maker of the Final Solution.

Yes - it was the 'final solution' to end the competition from such a resilient opponent.

the ghettos came before the final solution

The Final Solution went on for about three years.

The "Final Solution" was to be the killing of all Jewish people.

The Final Solution was the plan to rid of Europe's Jews.

Children were treated good in the final solution

The objective of the final solution was to eliminate Europe of all its Jews.

The Final Solution in the Holocaust was the decision to kill the Jews.

Heinrich was the person that came up with the Final Solution.

Because the final solution was to kill ALL Jews

final solution = Endlösung

There was no Final Solution speech. The Final Solution was kept secret as far as possible and Hitler did not give a speech about it on the radio or at a Party Rally.

The Final Solution was not implemented in 1941. By the time of the Final Solution most of the ghettos had been cleared and the inhabitants murdered.

The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.

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