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The USA enterd the war on December 8, 1941 the day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

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Q: When did the USA enter World War 2?
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Why USA enter the world war 2?

the US got bombed by Japan

What was the name of the harbor that was bombed by the Japanese that started World War 2?

Pearl Harbor is the name. It did not start world war 2, it caused the USA to enter into the war.

Why did USA enter World War 2?

Because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

When did Portugal enter World War 2?

It didn't enter the war.

When did winstin churchill enter World War 2?

He was in World War 2 from the very beginning!

Did Korea enter World War 2?


When did Sweden enter the World War 2?

It didn't. Sweden was neutral during World War 2.

Was it vital for the US to enter in World war 2?

yes it was vital 4 the US 2 enter World War 2 because we needed their help 2 win the war. It turns out tht because of them we won the war.

When did italty enter World War 2?

At the start of the War they were always in

Why did us enter the Great War 2 and a half years after the war was started?

World War 2

When did Germany enter the world war 2?


When did Spain enter world war 2?

They didn't

Where did the US enter World War 2?

Into Europe

Did itaily enter World War 2?


When did the people enter into World War 2?


When did China enter into World War 2?

China did not actually enter the Second World War. They had been at war with Japan since 1936 and the fighting continued into the War years.

Why did Americans not want to enter World War 2?

the Americans didn't want to be in World War 2 because they had already been in a world war. World war 1. World War 1already cost billions of dollars. The Americas were forced to enter World War 2 because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

What year did Ireland enter World War 2?

They entered the war in 3333

What war did the United states enter after pearl harbor?

World War 2

Why and when did usa enter World War 2?

The U.S. came into WW 2 because the Japanease attacked pearl harbor on December 7, 1941

What battles was Russia part of in World War 2?

Russia was part of the Soviet Union, they were Allies of France, England , Canada and the USA (the USA did not enter the war until 1941, 3 years after the war began)

How did US enter World War 2?

The Japanese attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor Hawaii on December 7, 1941. Germany (and Italy) declared war on the USA a short time later.

Why did Italy enter World War 2?

They were allies with Germany.

Why did Poland enter World War 2?

They were invaded by Germany

When did the US enter world war 1 and 2?