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The Soviets entered the war in league with Germany, September 1939. They attacked Poland a few days after Germany...taking a big slice of the eastern part of the nation for themselves and committing horrible atrocities in the process. Then they attacked or invaded Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. They threatened Romania with a similar invasion and were thus able to extort territory from that nation.

The Soviets were rapidly building bases all along their new western border, where they were massing troops and equipment for an invasion of Germany as soon as the opportune time arrived. Germany beat them to the punch with their June 1941 attack which quickly wiped out the Soviet standing army.

Some consider this as the entry of the Soviets into the war but they had been involved for a long time by the time the Germans attacked.


Germany attacked the Soviets June 22, 1941 precipitating official entry by the Soviets into the world war that was already in effect. However, the Soviets had already been as aggressive on the world stage as the Germans in attacking their neighbors. The Soviets participated with Germany in the first battles of the war by attacking Poland, 1939, and then slaughtering their officer corp via firing squad.

The Soviets then attacked the Finns in the winter of 1940, unprovoked. Next they occupied Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia - the three small Baltic nations that lacked the military ability to resist the Soviets. Next the Soviets went after Romania, seizing a large part of that country's northeast.

As all this was going on the Soviets were at the same time building military bases and airfields close up to the German border. (Despite all this the Soviets also had time to fight an undeclared border war with Japan in the Manchuria/Siberia area.)

It is obvious that these highly aggressive moves by the Soviets were designed as moves against Germany and were likely preparations for an attack. Germany attacked first and thus garnered the blame for the eastern war, but in reality both nations were equally aggressive. It is interesting to note that despite being a ruthless dictator, aggressive towards his neighbors, with a stated national policy seeking world domination, that the Soviet leader, Stalin, was given a free ride by the western powers.

Stalin was allowed to increase his territory at will with hardly a peep from Roosevelt or Churchill. Meanwhile, Germany reoccupied territory that had been part of Germany for centuries, and the reaction was much different. In fact the west then proceeded to arm the Soviets as fast as they could. Quite a study in inconsistency.

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Q: When did the USSR enter World War 2?
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