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When do you need to replace the timing belt on a 1994 Buick LeSabre?

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2005-03-22 19:14:03
2005-03-22 19:14:03

Like in most cars, this component last for a long time. However, like everything else it needs replacement at its interval for maintainance or when you begin to feel a slugish ecceleration, when you press the gas. Ever press the gas pedal and it does not respond right away, it sorta takes a breath?? Like a hesitation maybe?? That, in most of my expierences has been the culprit. The timing is everything in the engine. If its off, it won't start, crank too long, pop thru the carb, tbi or exhaust etc.. I would say every 30,000 miles, the belt or chain should be replaced for optimum preformance. But always refer to a shop manual.

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