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When is Medicare primary under a Group Insurance Plan?

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2010-10-29 19:13:07

Medicare is only secondary to your group coverage if you work

for a company with 20 or more employees (could be a combination of

part-time and full-time, based on total number of hours per year)

and you worked 20 weeks or more, in the current or preceding year.

They do not have to be consecutive weeks. If you work less than 20

weeks or your employer employs less than 20 employees, or both,

your medicare coverage is your primary insurance coverage.

Primary status of group benefits takes place as soon as the

employment and work week criteria are met. It will be primary for

at least the rest of the current calendar year and all of the

following year.

Primary status for medicare takes place on January 1st of the

following year after an employer employs less than 20 employees or

you work less than 20 weeks in that year. Medicare remains primary

until employment or work week criteria meet levels to make group

benefits primary.

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