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When unlocking your 1999 Jeep GC with your remote a loud buzzing grinding sound comes from the driver side door and driver door never unlocks with remote you use key every time why?


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2006-02-25 04:23:53
2006-02-25 04:23:53

I'm going to assume that the other doors unlock just fine. There are motor assemblies with accuator rods that work the locking mechanism inside the door when the switch or remote is used. Not the manual lock button itself specific to that door. That probably works fine. Sometimes these actuator rods become unhooked or the motors themselves fail. This sounds like a faulty motor assembly. you must hit unlock twice to unlock all the vehicle doors and your vehicle has driver comfort controls your seat positions radio goes to the channel you have preselcted and the side mirrors adjust for you heres were you get the grinding noise as you press unlock on your remote look at the passenger side mirror it will be going threw a spasm over there lol not sure why maybe the motor or rods as previously stated my solution replace the whole mirror.


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This is called "selective central unlocking" and is programmed under "Key Memory Options" by your BMW dealer.

This is the 1st indicator that the POWER LOCK Motor is about top go out. If it is grinding on open & close then more than likely the teeth are grinding down on the gears. Replacing A.S.A.P. will eliminate the possibility of the Driver being locked out by remote and reling on the key to unlock for entry.

The procedure for a 2001 Avalon is quite complex. Details are posted at . The same procedure might work for a 2000 model.

Follow in order: -remove key from steering column -close all doors -open driver door -insert key in steering lock -repeat the following 3 times in 24 secs: -turn key to on then back to lock -push driver side door switch 3 times -check that door lock and unlocks-if not wait 40 secs -if lock and unlock-push any button twice -check that door locks and unlocks-if not push driver side door switch -if lock and unlock-push any button twice -check that door locks and unlocks-if not push driver side door switch -if lock and unlock-push any button twice -check that door locks and unlocks-if not push driver switch -if lock and unlock-the end. -remote should work after this.

Are the keys in the ignition? If so all you have to do is take them out when you open the door.

Mine unlocks from the driver side electric lock. I just turn the key to unlock all doors and it does the trick.

try unlocking it from the driver side...the chip in the key should keep the alarm from works for my sportage...

The factory alarm is reset with the keyless remote or by unlocking the driver side door with the key. If you have an aftermarket alarm, the reset could be anywhere, but is usually under the dash on the driver side.

You may have a wheel bearing going bad or a brake dragging. Take it to a mechanic. I have found that if I can't identify something better than a "grinding noise" I had better let a mechanic look at it.

98' avenger past experience check the alarm wire on the inside of the lock/ tumbler. ( driver side) it may have fallen down. try unlocking w/ key on passenger side.

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Really it depends on the driver and how hard they break and if the break pads need replacing or not. I'll just give you some simple answers... Screeching Silent Grinding Squealing

depending on the model year and where at on the door(some model years have 2) the key slot(s) are for unlocking the door manually and locking out the trunk release.

Wheel bearings, and if they're making that kind of noise your spindles could be shot by now too.

you could have some broken glass in the way of the window (this is what happened to my car). to a friends however it was the window falling off track

If you mean for removal, use a coin or screw driver to push in the handles on both sides of the radio until they click. When the coin or screw driver is removed the handles will pop out enabling the radio to be removed by pulling the handles. If you mean unlocking the logic, your Volvo dealer can get the code from your vin number.

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: If by the gas filler switch you mean a way to open up (unlock),the gas cap cover, there is none. You unlock the cover by unlocking all the doors via the driver side doorlock. Cheers.

When exiting the car,making sure all doors are closed except driver's, lock all the doors with the switch on the inside of the door frame. Before shutting driver door manually pull up the lock on ONLY the driver door. Shut the driver door. Open it back up and push down the lock. Alarm won't sound.

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