When unlocking your 1999 Jeep GC with your remote a loud buzzing grinding sound comes from the driver side door and driver door never unlocks with remote you use key every time why?

I'm going to assume that the other doors unlock just fine. There are motor assemblies with accuator rods that work the locking mechanism inside the door when the switch or remote is used. Not the manual lock button itself specific to that door. That probably works fine. Sometimes these actuator rods become unhooked or the motors themselves fail. This sounds like a faulty motor assembly. you must hit unlock twice to unlock all the vehicle doors and your vehicle has driver comfort controls your seat positions radio goes to the channel you have preselcted and the side mirrors adjust for you heres were you get the grinding noise as you press unlock on your remote look at the passenger side mirror it will be going threw a spasm over there lol not sure why maybe the motor or rods as previously stated my solution replace the whole mirror.