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I was always told to push the brake pedal down first, then release the emergency brake, then, if you have a clutch, push that pedal down put it in gear and go! The same for an auto trans, and the point is so that you don't have the cars weight on the pin inside the auto tranny that locks the transmission in park. Also you wont be putting the cars weight on that first gear in a manual tranny. hope that helps?!

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When you are approached by an emergency vehicle sounding a siren having at least one lighted lamp exhibiting a red or blue light you do not need to do anything keep driving as before?

NO. When being approached by an emergency vehicle using sirens and light/s, state laws in the U.S. generally require motorists to immediately pull to the right side of the road and wait for the emergency vehicle to pass. If stopped at an intersection with two-way traffic, remain stopped until the emergency vehicle passes. You should check the law in your particular jurisdiction.

How can you get this vehicle out of gear if it will not release is there an emergency release on a 2005 kia sedona?

There should be a side button release button (left side) on the gear changer also the vehical must be turned on. There could be something wrong either in the gear changer or in the transaxle its self, This may need to be checked out before moving on. No pun intended.

When driving on an interstate highway and you approach an emergency vehicle parked on the roadway with the emergency lights activated what must you do?

Either move over one lane, or else reduce your speed by 20 MPH (below the posted speed limit) before passing.

What is minimum eye lead time?

12-15 seconds in the city, and 20-30 seconds on highway or freeway, and before putting your vehicle in motion in any direction

Putting the cart before the horse meaning?

Putting the cart before the horse means doing things in the wrong order.

Do I need to fully charge a new car battery before putting it in the car or can I just jump start it?

In most cases a new battery will be charged enough to start the vehicle

Does a person legally have to look right and left before moving their vehicle if their light is green?

No, this is not a law, it is a safety measure to ensure that nobody is running a red light or emergency vehicles are coming.

When did the State Emergency Service start?

The State Emergency System was founded in 1955. It is an organization that has volunteers who are trained in emergency situations. They provide emergency help before an after disasters.

Do you have to let a cheesecake cool in the oven before putting it in the refrigator?

No, you do not have to let cheese cake cook in the oven before putting it in the refrigerator. You remove the cheese cake from the oven and let it cool away from the heat before putting in the refrigerator.

What requires presidents to notify congress before declaring a national emergency?

The National Emergency Act.

How do you turn off headlights in a 1998 Oldsmobile silhouette when it is running?

You can only turn off the headlights by applying the emergency brake. When the emergency brake is on, the headlights will not light. Otherwise the best of my expererience is that they are on all the time. If you have remote start, put the emergency brake on before you leave the vehicle and when you remote start it, the headlights will not be on, but the driving lights (if switch is on) will be on as well as the parking lights.

Inflate tires after vehicle is weighted down or before?

before. this will prevent the tires from blowing in the case that they might be underinflated to begin with. and be wary of putting the tires to there max pressures as that is not always the pressure that performs the best under heavy weight loads.

What does putting the donkey before the cart mean?

It means the same as putting the horse before the cart, i.e. doing things in the wrong order.

How long should you run the tank before putting fish in it?

You should have it running for about 2-3 days before putting fish in your tank.

Before you can perform the Windows 2000 Emergency Repair Process what disk must?

Emergency Repair Disk (EPD)

Do you have to have your drivers test with a vehicle that has an emergency break in the middle?

No. You have to have a vehicle that is equipped legally and in full working order. In most states you have a vehicle safety check inside and outside the car, so double check lights, signals, wipers, etc., before you head off to the DMV. Make sure the registration and insurance card are there, also, in most states.

Do you have to brown meat before putting it in the crock pot?


Did nights have help putting on their armor?

not heared it before

Why must you turn the nosepiece to the lpo before putting away?

You turn the nosepiece to the lpo before putting away so as to change it to a higher power objective lens.

Should you apply for a credit increase before or after applying for a vehicle loan?

For a better chance at getting the vehicle loan, increase your credit after the vehicle loan. Increasing your credit before may reduce the your vehicle loan amount.

Is there a difference between holding the clutch down or putting the gear into neutral while standing in the traffic lite -In a technical manner?

Leaving your vehicle in first gear with the clutch depressed allows you to move out of the way quicker if you notice the vehicle behind you is not going to be able to stop before it hits you.

When passing a vehicle first check to your front and rear and move into the passing lane only if it is clear and you are in a legal passing zone.?

When passing a vehicle that is on your right, you check to the front, side, and rear before putting on your turn signal and moving into the left lane. Remember to check your blind spot too.

Removing teeth before or after putting braces?

You get your teeth removed before braces are put on.

What was the emergency phone number before 9 11?


Can you get insurance before getting vehicle registration?

No you can't. I'm having the same problem! In Michigan the Secretary of State requires a vehicle to be insured before you can register it but my insurance company requires the vehicle be registered in my name before they will insure it!