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I have used the "ICK" Stractor on an above ground pool for years and it does a good job of gathering leaves and some debris but does not filter the water. It is made of material similar to a leave net and attaches near the return via velcro and floats on the top of the pool to catch leaves, etc. Never heard of it being used on an in-ground, but if the return was up where you can get some force to keep it floating it would probably work.

I have installed The Dragonfly Super skimmer in in-ground and above ground pools

for a number of years and have found that it does a very good job of gathering leaves, debris, pollen, dust, industrial fall-out etc, It is a floating skimmer and if set up according to instructions will remove nearly 100% of floating rubbish from the pool it's a suction-side cleaner so every thing it catches goes directly to filtration via the leaf basket. If you want more info on it Have a look at the related links below (Pulse surface cleaner) for the inventors website.

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The skimmer is the healthiest method for removing water from a pool for filtration at all times

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Q: When you do want to use the skimmer vs the drain on an inground pool?
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How do you get rid of leaches in swimming pool?

you could drain the pool, but if you don't want to drain your pool, you could get a pool skimmer and get all of the leaches out of your pool and then carry the leaches to a near by sewer, or a murky pond/lake/river.

Does the main drain line in skimmer have water in it when closing the pool?

No. You cannot use the main drain to lower the water level below the skimmer. This is because the main drain is not really a drain. It only connects right back to the 3 port valve in the skimmer.

Can you drain an inground pool with the pools back wash?

Let me say first backwashing is a process for simply ridding the filter of dirt, once you backwash the pressure and cleanness of the filter will begin to collect and store more dirt from the pool, Look at the gauge at the filter remember the pressure or write it down as the pressure goes up the flow of water going back to the pool will go down to the point that very little water will go back into the pool. When the pressure is low the water flow from the filter will be high meaning that the filter is not clogged or dirty.

Cost to install an inground pool?

it cost from $15K to $100k depending on what you want and where you are.

How do you drain an in-ground pool using the filter?

The problem with that is that most in ground pools drain through the skimmer at the surface of the water. sot the thing to do it get a hose connected to the skimmer intake, taking care that not too much air gets into the system, and throw the end of the hose on the floor of the pool. so long as no air robs the system of prime and you have a reasonable pump you should be able to empty it. It would be wise to keep an eye on it as you are doing this. ( You wouldn't want to wreck the pump) a safer way is to hire a submersible pump to do it.

I can't decide on a liner color for my inground pool and am leaning to a darker color any suggestions?

depends on how you want the pool to look,! do you want a blue looking pool, green Etc,

I want to repaint my 12ft inground pool. Can i empty it without any problems?

make sure u remove the plug in the drain at the bottom of the pool,this allows any water that may have accumulated under the pool from seepage to evaporate and equalizes the pressure that may be created by emptying ur pool. You will need to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a high power pump to empty the pool. Also you will need an unclogged drain near the pool for all the water to empty into.

Can an inground pool be 17 feet deep?

An unground pool can be 17 feet deep if you really want it to be. You must follow certain safety rules with a pool of this depth though.

How far down do you drain a pool for winter?

until it is empty stupid/ Contrary to Einsteins answer do not drain your above ground pool completely. This will take all the pressure off of your liner and cause it to start shrinking which will cause damage to your liner. Connect a water hose and have water continuously flowing into your pool. You want to allow 6-7 inches to remain in your pool.

How do you fix the skimmer flaps on an inground concrete pool?

Actually, they aren't a bad thing to remove all together. Skimmer flaps are a notorious place for algae, especially black or mustard, and bacteria to hide and grow, which makes reoccurance terribly probable. Removing them all together will not harm the performance of your pool. I beg to differ with the answer above - The skimmer works because the water jets create a flow which pushes the water past the skimmer. The skimmer is pulling water down which causes debris on the top of the water to get caught in the basket. The skimmer flap(s) limits the amount of water being sucked in by the skimmer causing more suction and making the skimmer more efficient. It is important for the skimmer doors, or "weirs" as they are called, to be in place for your skimmer to work properly. Try it for yourself. With the skimmer running, place your hand, a brick or some other obstruction where the skimmer door should be. Restrict the water flow a bit in some way. You will see a much larger volume of water being sucked into the skimmer than with no door at all. If you already have a flap or wier in place, do the reverse. With the skimmer running, hold the door completely open and see hose the flow virtually ceases. Replacement weirs or flaps can easily be found at your pool store. Just take your old one with you or measure the opening where it should sit. Little pegs on the sides of the replacements are spring loaded to keep it properly situated so it is very important that the new weir be exactly where you want it before pulling the pins securing the pegs. I hope this has helped!

Where can you rent a portable pool heater in south fl?

Where can we rent a pool heater for our inground pool. We're moving in a few months and don't want to buy a new one... We live in St. Petersburg, Fl. area

Does skimmer location matter on an in-ground pool?

Yes it can make a big difference to the amount of floating debris and dust that sinks into your pool. The ideal place for the static skimmer in a pool is down stream from the return jets (These are the jets that return filtered water to the pool) and down wind from the prevailing winds, this can be a bit more difficult to work out as the wind direction over a pool is strongly influenced by the building surrounding it. The fact is that very few pool builders get it right. if the skimmer ends up in the wrong position there is always the option of using a floating swimming pool skimmer skimmer. this type of skimmer is set to the suction of the pools filtration system and connected via hose to the vac plate over the leaf basket, It can be fastened in place or left to float free in the pool and will keep working regardless of water level, Check out the link below on floating skimmers