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AnswerIt depends on the state you live in and their individual state laws. For example in the state of Ohio don't expect for your lender to send you a cleared title after you've paid off the loan. You are required to go down to the state DMV, pay the appropriate fees and get your title directly from them.

Now if you live in a paperless title state (for example California), and you have officially paid off your loan, the lender will then electronically release its lien through the state DMV. Then DMV will process the electronic title into a physical paper title and they will mail it to the owner of the vehicle. So in a paperless state it would then be the DMV's responsiblity to get the title to the owner. In some cases if you owe taxes or fees to the DMV for whatever reason, the DMV is likely to hold on to your title until you physically go down to DMV and try to obtain the cleared title.

For a paper title state. In general the lender would release the cleared title after an appropriate amount of time goes by to make sure the payoff amount you sent does clear the bank.

In general once the loan is paid the lending institution is required to send back the title with the "lien-holder" line signed off and indicated as paid, and that is mandated depending on each individual state DMV laws. There is no real penalty to the lending institution so if they don't get around to sending it nobody cares until you send a registered letter requesting the title. At that point you may take the title to the DMV and request a new title, but it doesn't really do anything special for you other than make you pay for the replacement title. The advantage of NOT getting a new title with no lien-holder is, you won't be getting all of the junk mail from companies that want to sell you stuff.

Contact your lender or local DMV and find out what your particular state requires in regards to your title after it has been paid off; or just call the lender directly they would have the info you would need to your particular account.

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Q: When you pay off a car loan should the lien holder send you clear title or do you have to go to the DMV and pay to have it removed?
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When you pay off a car loan should the lien holder send you a clear title or do you have to go to the DMV and pay to have it removed in the state of Alabama?

The lien holder should seams you a release of lean form to place with the title that originally showed the lien together they are a clean title

How can you find out if your title was transferred to you after paying it off?

contact the DMV. Request a replacement title for your vehicle. At that time you can also ask who the lien holder is. If there is no lien holder, there was a breakdown with the lender. You should have received a clear title by mail from them.

Can a lien holder repossess your car if you have a clear title?

sure can if they have a title too

How to get rid of a car when lien holder died?

You need to obtain a release from the estate of the lien holder. Which means you have to satisfy the lien. That should allow you to obtain clear title.

Can a lien holder hold title when car is in Chapter 13 and you are trying to transfer tags from KY to TN. Our lien holder refuses to give me the title. I applied for a duplicate title.?

Your lien holder wants to be paid before releasing the car. You should consult with the attorney who is representing you in your bankruptcy. You cannot transfer title because you don't have clear title to transfer.

How do you discover the lien holder of a car?

It should be on the title.

What qualities do you feel a title holder should possess?

A qualities of a title holder should possess by being a good role model,doing good to others and intelligent of what she is doing ..

If the lien holder was supposed to repossess a motorcycle but never did can you sell it and how do you obtain a title?

No. A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title and the only way to obtain such a document is through the lien holder.

When you pay off a car loan should the lien holder send you clear title?

Yes, and they will. What they usually send you is a "Release Note" stating that they no longer have any financial interest in the vehicle. You keep that with your title.

How do you find lien holder on vehicle?

The name of the lien holder should be on the face of the Vehicle's title.

Is a deed a clear title?

Generally, a deed is not a guarantee of clear title. For recorded land, a title examination must be performed to ascertain if the title is clear. In registered land systems, a deed followed by a certificate of title should provide the grantee with a clear title to the property. In registered land systems any encumbrances should be listed on the certificate of title.

Is it possible to have a lien on your vehicle even if you already have the title?

Yes. The title you received when you purchased the vehicle should show the lien holder. Even when you buy a vehicle on credit, you will receive a title. It is a lien title. You will not receive the full or clear title until the vehicle loan is paid off.

I ve a clear title to my vehicle with no liens can the dealer legally repo this car?

If you are making a payment, whoever you are making the payment to holds a lien on the vehicle, unless the vehicle was purchased on an unsecure note (not likely). Some states will issue you a title even though there is a lien holder on the title, some require that the lien holder holds the title until the not is paid in full. Look at the title, itf the lien holder section is filled out, that is who holds the lien, they can have the car repoed. there is no lien holder on the title it is clear the car lot is in the sellers area

My car loan is paid in full how can I have the co signer removed from the title in the state of Ohio?

go to the bank or wher ever you got your loan have them sign off the title then go to the bmv and submit the title and it should come back with out the lien holder and cosigner on it

How do you obtain your new car title after it has been fully paid for and the lien released by the finance company?

The lien holder should send you a lean clearance letter. You can take the waiting clearance letter and the title to the motor vehicle department and apply for a clear title.

What is the limitation on a car with a lien on it before you can get the title?

If the car has a lien, you usually have to pay off the lien before you can get a clear title. Otherwise, in this state you have the name of the lien holder on the title.

How long does the company have after the car is sold to sue for amount owed on car?

This is an almost impossibility, unless the title has been doctored. If "the company" sold person A the car, the title contains that company's name as a lien holder, which means that the car cannot be transferred to another person without the approval of "the company". Look at a car title from a dealership, for example, and see what color it is. Then look at a title for a vehicle that is paid for and is free and clear. The dealership title has the dealership name on it as the lien holder, different color title. The free and clear title has no lien holder and is a different color. If a car has been sold with a lien holder, person A is responsible for payment for the car, regardless of who is driving it.

is title clear?

is the title clear

Is lien holder information listed on the title?

Yes. Valid existing liens should be listed on the back of the vehicle's title.

How do you locate a lien holder?

The lien holder is a person or business who have a concerned interest in a vehicle. Most times a bank or finanacial institution. You need to find the lien holder which is located on the title or can be found be contacting your DMV and giving the VIN and then finding their phone number, I would try calling information. Contact the lien holder and ask if the lien is still on the vehicle or what you need to do about having the lien removed. Sometimes a lien can still be on a vehicle even though it has been paid off, if the owner did not apply for a new title to clear the lien.

When you pay off a car loan should the lien holder send you CAR KEY?

The lein holder does not have the key to your car. They will have a title that you will be sent.

What is the best title in a research paper?

I suggest you use a title that reflects the topic. That is, the title should make it clear what the research is about.

What to do when the wrong lien holder is on the vehicle title?

georgia law on timeframe lean holder has to process car title

How do you get a rebuilt title changed to a clear title in Florida?

You should Inquire at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

What can you do if you have a clear title and your car gets repossessed?

If you have a clear title, you car can't be repossessed. Either the title isn't clear or the leinholder believes monies are still owed on the car. If the title is clear, show it to the company authorizing the repossession. If you truly had clear title and there were no leins or other encumberances and a judge didn't declare that the car was to be sold to satisfy OTHER debts, you can sue for damages. If you didn't owe money to the people who had the car repossessed, you should be able to sue them for LOTSA BUCKS, and you definitely should.

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