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When you start your engine it takes a while until it starts what is the problem?


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2004-09-14 10:05:56
2004-09-14 10:05:56

It depends on what car and engine you have. Just guessing, I would check the fuel pump relay if it has one.


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Need to check fuel pressure and fuel filter first. I think you will find your problem there.

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check the spark plug ... do not start it by bushing the fuel pedal . just start it by doing nothing els ...

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If you have fixed the problem, it will likely reset itself after about 20 engine starts. Also, the local oil change/inspection station may do it for free. It takes a diagnostic reader to do it.

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could be a weak battery, not turning engine fast enough at startup. check battery voltage should be approx. 12.5 volts when not running.about 14.0 when running.

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If you have a 2003 Trailblazer which takes 5 minutes before it starts, there could be a problem with the remote start or the ignition switch.

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