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I don't really know if a ford has the same censer as a Chevy cavalier does, but a good friend of mine has a 94 cavalier 4 cylinder cc valve (CCV) , it's some kind of valve inside of the Chevy trany located on the (facing the front of car) right side, you have to take the right wheel off, then you will see the panel, take that off and you will see the ccv will have a wire or 2 that is connected along with hoses that are about a 3/8". Now, the problem my friend had, was when the trany wormed up every time he came to a stop the car would cut off, since it was an auto trany he could put it in N or P than it would start right up, but the second he put it in gear either in D or R it would cut off again, so he would just let the car cool off for about 20 minutes then start it up again put it in gear and drive till the trany got worm again. Come to find out it was the ccv. He replaced it with a new ccv and problem was fixed. Like I said I don't know if your probe has a ccv or not. To tell you the truth I'm not a fan of Ameran cars. I never had an American and never will. Their all junk. I don't mean to put your car down. But next time you buy a car, buy a Honda, or a Nissan, I love BMW's. but good luck


I had the same problem with my 95 Ford Probe. Try this... Start it up, pop the hood, take some carb cleaner and spray it around the throttle body. You can see where the throttle body is bolted together. Try to spray it in the seams. If all of a sudden, your cars engine picks up a little or starts running better for a second, you need new gaskets. There is a rebuild kit you can get from a Ford dealership... tried autozone, murrays, etc, none of them had it. the gaskets cost about $30.00 for all three. there will be two in one package and one in another. it's not hard to change... if you need help on how to change them, let me know

Answerhad the same problem on a Hyundai 5 speed. Turned out to be the Idle speed control valve. It is on the throtle body and lets air into the engine when you are idle so that you don't stall. I had to keep my foot on the gas to keep the car from stalling. You might just need to have yours replaced too. AnswerI have the same problem with my 93. It seems to be in the throtle positioning sensor. Tap on it lightly with a hammer or wrench. Mine runs for months without any problems. AnswerHit it with a hammer? Wonderful answer! Check the voltage on the "IACV" Intake air control valve. they tend to go bad the problem is it will keep happening, and a new one is around 400 dollars!

We have the same problem with our 95 probe and was told that it is the EGR valve, we also had to replace the tps as well.

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Q: When you take your foot off the gas your 1995 Ford Probe dies could it be a sensor?
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If you want answers about your Ford Probe. Please check out this site: and place your question there, you will have an answer within the hour.

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