Where and how can you install speakers in a 1982 CJ7 if you don't want to drill any holes in it?

you can mount 6x9 inch speaker boxes on the top of ur rear wheel wells beside the backseat. if u dont want to drill holes in ur wheel wells im sure u could use alot of gorrila glue or some type of adhesive ...In an open-air vehicle, you'll need (at least) 2 tweeters in the dash to give you the high notes you'll need when fighting the sound of the wind. I mounted 6x9s in Tuffy wheel well speaker boxes and I raised the back seat 3" and installed a 10" sub in a 6" tall box (I made) under the back seat. Bottom Line: People steal stuff from Jeeps all the time. Bolting stuff down is needed if you like to keep stuff.