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Where are fuel pump relays located on a 1998 Chevy S 10 Vortex 6-cylinder?


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the fuel pump relay is in the underhood fuse center


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Look inside the glove compartment. You will see a access door marked "relays". Remove the access door, the fuel pump relay will be the first one from the left.

It is located on the back of the block at the top near the distributor.

The thermostat is located on the engine of a 6.0 vortex 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. The thermostat can be found by following the upper radiator hose directly to the thermostat.

There are many relays in that vehicle, most are located in the power distribution box under the hood.

what arethe 3 relays in the glovebox on a 1996 chevy blazer

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on the top of the intake manifold next to the main injector

Look for a?æbox located in the glove compartment marked "relays" of the 1997 Chevy S10. The horn relay is the first one on the left.

In order to set the timing on a 98 Chevy 350 vortex, you have to time with a scan tool that will let you set timing. Or let garage do it

Check inside the glove box, on a 1995 the are behind a panel at the back, clearly marked.

AnswerThe sensor is located in the distributor on the rear of the engine. The distributor has to be pulled to be able to remove the sensor.

The water pump on a Chevy Blazer 4.3l is on the front of the engine. The Fan and fan shroud will have to be removed to gain access.

These relays (For factory installed power windows) Should be located with the power door lock relays, just under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle, part way behind the kick panel. These relays will be mounted to a bracket.

There is a fuse and relays box under the hood. It contains a radio fuse and a radio accessories fuse.

impala cranking but not starting; replaced fuses, relays, fuel pump and igntion coils.

If you are referring to a late-model Chevy Venture (or similar Chevy), the relays (there is more than one) that control the fans are located in the under hood fuse box. I have included a link to one such fuse box, which has pictures and diagrams of the fuses and relays inside. Good Luck!

There are several relays located in the back of the glove compartment behind the door that says "relays". Back there you will find the fuel pump relay, the horn relay, the daytime running lights relay and the power door locks relay (if equipped).

There are several, which one are you looking for?

Underneath your hood, behind the passenger side headlight, behind the core support, is a bank of 2-8 relays. One of those relays is the relay needed for your fuel pump. There will also be a fuel pump relay fuse located there.

The cooling fan relays, there are three, are located in the fuse box under the hood above the battery.

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