Where are potatoes from?

Potatoes are originally from the Andes, more specifically south of Peru (close to Titicaca lake). Around 1530s Europeans began to take potatoes to the rest of the world.
Potatoes come from the ground, the edible tubers on the roots of the potato plant (Solanum tuberosum). They are grown in many parts of the world.

The Spanish were the first Europeans to see potatoes. The tubers were cultivated in South America, in Peru and Chile. Other species of potato (including sweet potatoes) grew wild in the Americas. At first, the inedible (mildly toxic) leaves and stems made Europeans wary of them.

Genetic testing suggests that almost all current varieties of potatoes in the world have a single common origin, a species of Solanum brevicaule in southern Peru and central Chile.


Potatoes originated in the area now known as Peru.

Actually it is believed that they originated on the island of Chiloe in Chile, where they were the size of peas. The Incas took them back to Peru and bred them to their present size.