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Where are the door switches for the interior lights on a 1999 Mondeo 2l Ghia?


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2005-03-25 08:50:13
2005-03-25 08:50:13

The design is different on the post 1997 mondeos, the light switches are controlled by the lock on the B & C pillars. There is a rubber switch behind the loop that the lock engages with.


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The ford mondeo is a European cars, the head lights and the grill from th ford mondeo, they look semilar as those from the ford contour

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sounds to me like a wire to the door switches might begrounded, a bad switch, or how about this. Do you have the MANUAL INTERIOR LIGHT SWITCH in the on position. Check it out. Good luck

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I had this happen to my 1999 town car. There is a computer lighting module which controls the action of the lights. A bad module causes lights not to respond to switches ( the switches don't turn on the lights directly, but send a signal to the computer lighting module). This unfortuantely is an expensive replacement.

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yeh funny that my 1999 mondeo has the same - did you find a solution at all? thanks

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