Where can I meet cannibals?

I cannot think of a scenerio where you would need or even want to encounter the cannibal culture but I am a helpful person so I will help as much as possible. You're best chance to meet cannibal's would be the islands in the south pacific. Between the US state of Hawaii and south-eastern asia. There are many island's that have not been discovered yet. And many are being discovered everyday. Some are inhabited, and some even have a small population of cannibal's. I also heard Papau New Guinea has a cannibal culture in the northern islands. Although it is outlawed, and I cannot be sure it even exists. One more option is the South American islands, which are the same as the island's I mentioned earlier in terms of discovery and culture. I hope this helps, and I also hope you never encounter a cannibal population as they will not spare you, even if you have the same beliefs.