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Call your local hospital. They usually have babysitting/ CPR courses. Many YWCAs and local Parks Departments also offer courses. If you live near a military installation, you might check with their Public Affairs office about who to talk with on base. Most military installations require their babysitters to be of a certain age, and to be certified. You might gain some good info here. Check with your guidance folks at school too. If you have a local community college, they might be of help. Go to the Red Cross website and find a location near you. They will also have a phone number or email address for someone at the location you chose. Contatct that person and ask about their babysitting classes.

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Q: Where can a teenager take a course on babysitting?
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Where do you take your babysitting cours in sudbury?

you take your babysitting course at a babysitting club Good question

I am 11 years old.Can I babysit When I take the red cross babysitting course?

Yes you can babysit after taking the ARC babysitting course.

Where can teenagers take a babysitting course?

at the American Red Cross Babysitting Course.. there should be an American red cross in your state. the age is from 11-15

How old you have to be to work at babysitting?

The age would be about 11 or 12 , it doesnt matter when you take a course but you can start babysitting when u mature

Where can you find a babysitting course?

You can find a babysitting course at your local American red cross.

What is the best pay for a teenager in babysitting?

$50 an hour

Does American Red Cross have a babysitting course?

The American Red Cross has many different babysitting courses available. You have to pay for the courses that you take.

Where do you get your babysitting course?

you could probably take a course at your local community center, hospital or red cross station.

How do you get a babe sitting license?

You have to take a babysitting course and then i think you take a lil quiz..Good Luck!

How do you start a babysitting service?

Take a babysitting course at your local community center or Red cross to start out then have your parents post an ad on there work bulliten!

If you want to babysit should you take a course for CPR?

Yes CPR is important for those that babysit. Take a course in babysitting from the American Red Cross.

How old do you have to be to take Babysitting Training Course?

i think its ten i could be wrong tho

Where can you get babbysitting license?

Cheaspeake General Hospital is a great place to take a babysitting course!

How much does it cost to do a babysitting course?

ExpertRating Online Babysitting Course leading to Certification - $19.99 only

Legal age in Michigan to babysit.?

if you take a course, any age or it depends on the person you are babysitting

Where to get certified in babysitting?

take a babysitting class

Iowa babysitting CPR and babysitting course Is it a law?

no it is not the law but you should always take it anyway- KylaAny question e- mail

Can you be 10 to take a babysitting course?

It depends what course you take I only know three you can be 10 but you have to go to the henderson in amherstveiw loyalist township if you do red cross or ymca's then you have to be 11.

Where could a 11 year old get a job?

You could take your babysitting course then babysit OR deliever the newspapers

Where do you get an official babysitting certificate?

The American Red Cross offers a babysitting course for teens in which they get a certificate.

Where to go for babysitting course?

Local Red Cross and YMCA often offers babysitting courses.

How can a teenager make money in the winter?

Shoveling driveways, or babysitting are always good ideas.

Can you take a red cross babysitting course at the age of ten?

I do not think so. Some places offer it at when your 11.

What job pays 6.50 a hour for a teenager job?

babysitting. grocey store stores mall

Where can an 16 year old get a job besides babysitting?

a teenager can get a job at a horse farm as a groom.

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