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Where can you find H D Folsom sales records?


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2006-09-02 03:00:52
2006-09-02 03:00:52

I don't believe they are available anywhere. One researcher has said they were donated to a paper drive during WWII. After all, they were just old ledgers that no one would ever be interested in.


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Apparently there are not even any paper records for Folsom firearms. One researcher claims they were donated to a WWII paper drive.

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J. D. Folsom was born on 1984-08-19.

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I know there was a Folsom Arms warehouse in Mahwah NJ that was bought out a long time ago and still retains the name Folsom but is now a fishing/tackle corporation

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You probably can't as all the manufacturing & importing records for the H & D Folsom Arms Co. and its subsidiary Cresent Arms, who apparently made this firearm, have been either lost or destroyed. The Carolina Arms Co. was the name stamped on firearns by Folsom for the Smith-Wadsworth Hdw. Co. of Charlotte, N.C. The above info. comes from a source that admits that this info. is somewhat foggy.

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Try, gun shop, gun shows, want ads.

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