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Get a manual on the truck from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it may have the information you want. It will help on the next repaire also,

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Where can you find a diagram of the fuel lines and pump on a 77 Chevy pickup with duel tanks?

Where can I find a diagram for running new fuel lines on a 1992 chevy pick up

Wiring diagram on 1986 Chevy Silverado dual fuel tanks?

I need the wiring diagram on a 1986 Chevy silver ado dual fuel tanks

Why would a 1998 Chevy full size pickup radiator leak around the top transmission line?

The tanks on the radiator are plastic and the lines vibrate causing the tanks to leak were they screew into the radiator. REPLACE RADIATOR.

Can anybody help you with fuel line diagram for your 1977 Chevy truck it has two fuel tanks and a fuel selector valve?

I am asking the same question for a 1979 Chevy C30 PU Truck & would like to see some photos or schematics. Thank you

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

it's right next to the back axle under the car. behind the gas tanks, round looking with lines running into both sides.

Why were tanks created?

To break thru enemy lines that were defended by artillery and machineguns.

Why tanks were invented?

To punch (breach) thru enemy lines (they are and were bullet proof).

World War 1 tanks how was it first used?

Tanks were just used as back ups. Not like todays tanks that are used in the front to push through the lines. Tanks had many flaws still since they were just introduced by Britain in the war.

How many gallons does a 2010 Chevy Malibu gas tank hold?

All 2010 chevy malibu models are fitted with 16 gallon tanks

How do you switch fuel tanks on a semi truck?

You don't. The fuel system draws from both tanks concurrently. If you wanted it to draw from just one tank, you'd have to disconnect the fuel lines from the tank you didn't want to draw from and cap the lines off.

How many gallons can a Chevy Silverado 1500 hold in its tank?

Chevy Silverado models for 2000-2008 hold about 26 gallons in their tanks.

Where does Los Angeles store its water?

Reservoirs,trunk lines and underground and above ground tanks.

What effect did tanks have on world war 1?

Before the tanks arrived there was a stalemate in the warfare. Both sides had dug themselves (trenches)and in were in strong defensive positions. Thus when Lancelot de Mole (an Australian inventor) invented the tank, the British were able to break through the lines of the enemy and their trenches became useless in the face of the tanks (the heavybarbed wirewas easily overcome with the might of the tanks) . Once the tanks had overcome the defenses and cause panic and mayhem in the enemy lines it became easy for the infantry to move in.

What capacity are 1997 Chevy Cheyenne gas tanks?

The capacity of a 1997 Chevy Cheyenne gas tank is 128 liters. Or one could say it is 32 gallons.

What did the tanks do in World War 1?

the main things tanks did was to push through the enemnys front lines, but this was uasually unsuccessful due to poor fire power and voneroblitity to enemy shells.

Where do i find a diagram for a 1989 ford f250 switching valve for the fuel system?

I don't know where you can get a diagram but Ford has some recalls out on duel fuel tanks. Check with a dealer yours could be covered.

How can you siphon gas out of a 95 Chevy Lumina?

Visit a garage. They may have a pump that will siphon fuel. Most vehicle fuel tanks have filters & screens that prevent the tanks from being siphoned with a hose.

What is the fuel tank capacity of 1984 Chevy C10?

16 or 20 gallon tanks were available on the 1984 c10

Where is the fuel pump located on an 1987 Chevy truck with fuel injection and 2 tanks?

2 tanks 2 fuel pumps. each tank will haves it's own fuel pump. i just put 2 new tanks and fuel pumps in my 87 stepside.

Why was the panzer tank invented?

Panzer=Armor=Tank. Tanks were initially invented to breach enemy lines (in WWI).

Where would you find the plug for gas tank on 1996 Chevy Silverado?

Sorry, But there is no drain plug in any gas tanks. Ford Chevy dodge no 1 used a drain plug.

How do you calculate water distribution lines to different location in cities Area from overhead water tanks and Under ground water tanks.?

Sir, We are going to make Project in Water supply schemes. what are correct method for water distribution lines from existing reservoirs to different locations in cities area.

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