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the metal fuel line as it goes under the car is not replacable. It is welded on I think. You need to take the car to a car repair place that specializes in VWs, they will bend a metal fuel line to fit. The Dealer will not customize a repair. I have found that the dealers in my area know less about the CIS fuel system than I do and this is my first car with this system. The flexible hoses can be found in a salvage yard or custom made. Google on "vw fuel hose" or something similar, there are some 3rd party places that sell them on the internet. The best way to keep an 87 running is to find a mechanic that works on older vws. The Dealers' mechanics are usually too young to have been trained on the early fuel injection systems.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-29 18:34:50
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Q: Where can you find a fuel line for an 87 cabriolet The volkswagen dealer has had my car for three months and for whatever reason cannot seem to find one thanks?
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