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This is a really tough question because there are so many variables - where is the pool located, type, what type of water handling systems, estimated swimmer load, etc..etc..

First, search the internet. After a quick Google search using "pool operating costs" as the search criteria, I found a budget estimate from the City of Oklahoma that might be of general interest ... This estimate is interesting because it shows that labor costs (facility management) is generally larger than the fixed costs of water, chemicals, machinery/parts, etc.

The next place to go is to try to find similar pools (in your state or region if possible). Your best bet in being able to get actual operating cost data is for public pools. Contact the City Manager or other city official and ask what operating costs were estimated and approved by the City Council (or other government agency). This information is usually readily available to the public and should give you a very good estimate of ALL of the operating costs.

Last, go visit a similar pool facility and ask to talk with the site manager. He/she might be willing to give you rough estimates of the overall total operating costs. Don't be surprised if they don't want to provide a lot of cost breakdown and details - most facilities would rather not divulge this information.


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Q: Where can you find estimated operating costs for an indoor 8 lane competitive pool?
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