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Basically a repossessor can enter the debtor's property to recover a vehicle as long as there is not breach of peace. An example would be entering a locked or unlocked garage or remove a lock from a gate to gain access to said vehicle. The repossessor must have a photocopy of the title and a "hold harmless" agreement signed by the owner or lien holder of said vehicle. The debtor has 10 days in which to redeem or reaffirm the lending agreement with the lien holder/owner. The plates remain with the lien holder. Reposssession action is governed by 1967 UCC laws adapted to the state laws of Virginia CC Title 8.9A

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Q: Where can you find the laws on what a repo man can legally do to repossess a vehicle in Virginia?
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ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

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Can a bank repossess a car before the last day of payment?

Unless it's explicitly stated in the fine print that they can't do any such thing, they have a right to repossess the moment the payment is rendered late, if they so wish. However, if you have documentation from the bank showing them explicitly giving you a deadline date, and they come to repossess before then, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you would need to find out if it was the bank which had your car repossessed on that particular day, or if it was the repossessors jumping the gun and going forth with it before the date which they were specified to take possession of the vehicle.

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In Georgia how does a lendor properly notify someone in default of intent to repossess an auto?

They hire a repossession company to take your vehicle. You may wake up one morning to find that you vehicle is not where you left it the night before, or you may walk out of the Walmart or Winn Dixie to find the vehicle gone. You will likely then call the police to report the vehicle stolen, and the police will notify you that it was not stolen but repossessed. Within several days, you will receive a notice from the lender stating that the vehicle was recovered and will be sold to be applied toward the debt, and that you may claim any property that was found in the vehicle. You may also make arrangements to redeem the vehicle provided you pay the past due balance.

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