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Fuse diagrams are often posted on a Jeep owners Forum such as, CherokeeTalk, JeepForum, NAXJA, etc.

Here is a fuse list:

All information is based of a 2000 XJ and the related manuals.

Everything listed is a circuit that is either "attached" to the fuse or directly impacted by it.

Power distribution center (under the hood)

Looking at the PDC from the front of the vehicle, the bottom right mini fuse is #16,

the one above it is #17, the top one in the column is #18.

Fuse #19 is to the left (of #16)

Fuse #16 underhood lamp, transmission control module, radio & interior lights

Fuse #17 O2 downstream relay

fuse #18 coil rail & injectors

Fuse #19 headlamp switch & data connector

Fuse #20 combination flasher

Fuse #22 fuel pump relay

Fuse #23 brakelamp switch

Fuse #25 fog lamp relay

Fuse #26 power amplifier

Now to the junction/fuse block (inside kick panel)

Fuse #1 is the large 25A on the top of the left column

Fuse #15 is the large 25A on the top of the right column

Fuse #1 power outlet

Fuse #2 cigar lighter

Fuse #3 left headlamp

Fuse #4 left headlamp

Fuse #5 right headlamp

Fuse #6 Dash lights (switches, controls, gauge cluster)

Fuse #7 license light & the left side turn, parking, marker and tail lamp

Fuse #8 Spare

Fuse #9 compass, sentry key, headlamp delay module, instrument cluster

Fuse #10 transmission range sensor, duty cycle evap/purge solenoid, radiator fan relay, a/c clutch relay, o2 sensor up/downstream relays, back up lamp switch

Fuse #11 transmission control module, powertrain control module, automatic shutdown relay, fuel pump relay

Fuse #12 instrument cluster, combination flasher

Fuse #13 Spare

Fuse #14 power mirrors, rear defogger & switch

Fuse #15 passenger power lock/window switch

Fuse #16 cargo lamp/switch, courtesy lamps, radio, instrument cluster, under hood lamp, transmission control module

Fuse #17 radio

Fuse #18 power mirror switch, driver power window/lock switch, heated seats

Fuse #19 starter motor relay

Fuse #20 trailer tow harness & trailer turn relays

Fuse #21 horn(s)

Fuse #22 rear wiper switch & motor

Fuse #23 right side marker, turn, parking and tail lights

Fuse #24 Spare

Fuse #25 shift lock solenoid, a/c heater control, abs controller, abs controller relay, blower motor relay, blend door actuator

Fuse #26 airbag control module

Fuse #27 airbag control module

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Q: Where can you get a fuse diagram for a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
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