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Where can you sell two Jeep Cherokee Lorado rear doors approximately 1989 with no rust?

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E-bay ?

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How do you replace spark plugs in a 1989 Cherokee?

How to replace spark plugs in a 1989 jeep cherokee?

What size speakers go in a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

You are going to need 5 1/4 (5.25") for the front doors and the tailgate. These jeeps only have the 4 speakers.

What is the color code for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee stereo?

where do I find the color code for a 1989 jeep Cherokee and what does it look like

Are there AIR bags in a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer?


Adjust timing on 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

It is self adjusting on a 89 Cherokee with a in line 6 4.0

What does the differential do in a 1989 Jeep Grand Cherokee and what happens if it doesn't work and or go out?

Please, rephrase the question. You say you have a 1989 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the Grand Cherokee did not come out till late 92, but was considered a 93 model. If what you really have is a 1989 Cherokee, we need to know the motor size. The rest we can look up and give you the best answer possible.

Is a 1989 Jeep Cherokee instrument cluster compatible with the 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

as long as the same instruments are there then yes.

Will 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 eingine interchange with 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

No, few too many differences.

What is the towing capacity for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

5000 lbs

Why would 1989 Jeep Cherokee have no power to the dash?

trade it

How many 1989 jeep Cherokee Pioneers were made?

we are not sure

What actors and actresses appeared in Cellar Doors - 1989?

The cast of Cellar Doors - 1989 includes: Philip Mansour as Abductor Peter Renaday as Frank Stephen Zinnato as Policeman

What size gas tank on a 1989 jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter?

The correct answer to this question would be approximately 20.2 gallons. Many people say it needs to be this size because of the mileage they actually get.

What if any doors are interchangeable between a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity and any other 1980 through 1989 model Chevrolets?

No other Chevrolet doors will interchange with Celebrity doors. Some other "A" body doors may fit but the lines and mouldings don't line up with the Celebrity body lines. I understand that Pontiac 6000 doors come the closest.

What is oil capacity of 1989 jeep Cherokee 4.0?

6 quarts

Where is the fuel pump on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

It is located in the fuel tank.

Does a 1989 Jeep Cherokee have power windows?

Power windows were an option.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1989 jeep Cherokee 4.0?


What is the mpg on 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

I get between 18-20.

Where is the vapor canister filter in a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

The vapor canister filter in the 1989 Jeep Cherokee is located at the top of the motor on the left side facing the vehicle. It is generally dark green in coloring.

Can you put an 1989 Jeep Cherokee pioneer motor into a 1996 Jeep Cherokee?

It can be done, but it won't be a simple "plug and play" swap.

Will the doors off a 1981 mustang fit a 1989 mustang?


Will 1998 Chevy truck doors fit a 1989?

Yes they are the same.

What is the best oil viscosity for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

The best oil viscosity for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo is 10w-30. This type of oil is designed to give a good balance of lubrication and protection.

Will a 1994 Jeep Cherokee steering column fit in a 1989 Jeep Cherokee?

No it will not the steering column in a 94 Cherokee only fits the 94 Cherokee. If i remember correctly 88-89 will workin an 89. I own a 94 Cherokee that i have to replace the steerin column in. nate