Where did Christianity come from?

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God, the creator of all things.
Christianity came from followers of Jesus Christ who spread the word about his teachings and death.
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Where does Christianity come from?

Christianity originated roughly 2000 years ago in the Middle East in what was then the Roman province of Judea. The New Testament tells of a Jewish citizen named Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed to be the son of God. He is said to have performed many miracles, and gained devoted followers. His discipl ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come to Britain?

The following is information obtained from the A&E documentary "The Unknown Jesus", the Wikipedia entry "Buddhism and Christianity", and The Catholic Encyclopedia. There are reports of Jesus visiting other countries, going as far north as ancient England to meet the Druids. This seems to coincide ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity come from Judaism?

Answer 1 Yes. The Old Testament of the Christian Bible is the Tanakh (Bible)of the Jews (in translation). Many Christian beliefs and conceptscan be traced back to Judaism. Answer 2: The difference between Jews and Christians is that, though we clingto the same Old Testament (though we call it di ( Full Answer )

Where did all Christian Churches come from?

Jesus started the first church. All Christians came from the Catholic Church until Constantine says he changed the Sabbath. The came the Dark Ages when the church was divided..

What Christian denomination does Mormonism come from?

The King James Version of the bible is used by the Mormons becauseit is the nearest translation to the original text. Though notperfect, for much has been corrupted by earlier translators andmuch has been left out of the Holy script. It is used by Mormons inconjunction with the Book of Mormon. Under ( Full Answer )

How when and where did Christianity come to the Caribbean?

I can only opine on how . When Columbus set foot on West Indies, now known as the Caribbean. I wrote "set foot" because Columbus did not discover the Caribbean. It was already populated when he went there.. The Spanish kingdom established in the Caribbean a political system called the "Encomiend ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come from Judaism?

Answer . Judaism prophesied about a coming future Messiah. They expected the Messiah to come as a conquering King, crush their enemies, shower blessings on Israel, and curses on all the Gentiles. The Messiah was prophesied to be a conquering King, and also to be a suffering Servant. . The troub ( Full Answer )

Where did the word christian come from?

It simply means "follower of Christ". You could make the same kind of word for any subject, such as "Hambugerian" or "Nintendonian"

How did Christianity come to Egypt?

\nThe very first time Christianity came to Eqypt was when Jesus Himself fled to Eqypt as a young Child with His mother Mary and Joseph (Matthew 2:13-15). \nThen the first apostle who came to Eqypt was St Mark the Evangelist, who founded the Church in Alexandria, since Alexandria was the capital of E ( Full Answer )

Did Islam come from Christianity?

Another answer from our community: Islam religion is based on Quran holy book. Christianity religionis based on the Bible holy book. Both holy books, Quran and theBible, are God revelations to his prophets Muhammad and Jesus,respectively (peace be upon them). refer to the related question onwhy Qu ( Full Answer )

Where do Christianity come from?

Christianity is a fulfillment of the prophesies of the Jews. Jesus was the Messiah that they had prayed and waited for. It therefore, originated in the Middle East after Jesus came to earth. "Christianity" means a following of Christ.

When how and why did did Christianity come to South Africa?

It came in Victorian times (19th Century) via missionaries. It came with the Dutch, Jan Van Riebeeck to the Cape in 1652. The Dutch set up a Halfway House in the Cape (Halfway to the East, India,China etc) to replenish their ships with fresh food. Jan Van Riebeeck was the first white settler in So ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity come?

Just a few years after Jesus died on the cross. But, as soon as Christianity was founded, the Christians were tortured and slaughtered like animals.

When did Christianity come to be?

Christianity sprouted out of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish man who lived roughly 2000 years ago in the Roman province of Judea - now modern-day Israel..

What year did Christianity come to England?

The history of Christianity in England can be traced back to the early centuries, when the Bible was being canonized, or approved, by the early Christian church fathers. These early church fathers established many of the creeds that present-day Christians hold, and are the foundation for believing i ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come into Nigeria?

I don't know how religion started in Nigeria, that's why I came here to find out the answer, but clearly y'all don't have it. So, I'm outtie. PEACE (:

Did Christianity come from the Hebrew religion?

Yes. Jesus was Jewish. He was (is) the Jewish Messiah that modern followers of Judaism are still waiting for. In the first century, all of the first followers of Jesus were Jewish.

How did Christians come about?

Christians came about from Jesus Christ. If they accept that he did that for them, they become Christians...and well, they have to try to live like him, obviously they aren't perfect like him, but they need to try to love everyone, and accept people others don't. A lot of the time they blend in with ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come to UK?

\nThere were Christians in the UK by the fourth century. There are many theories about how it came to the UK but I think it was the ancient Romans. They brought Christianity into UK and gradually it spread all across the country.

When did christian music come about?

Christian music has been around for as long as music has been around. (One could say, it's been around longer than Christians have...because technically that's true.) Songs giving praise or petitions to God have been recorded in history for thousands and thousands of years- think Moses. What "came a ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come to Mauritius Island?

The Dutch that came to Mauritius brought Christianity with them.Five years after they left the island, the French came withCatholicism. Then the British took the island to prevent the Frenchusing it as a base to attack India. The British tried to convertthe island to Protestantism. Mauritius became ( Full Answer )

When did the spread of Christianity come to a stop?

It hasn't. . What began with just a handful of people in a backwater of the Roman empire, gradually spread across the empire over the next three centuries until Constantine decreed that Rome should become Christian in the fourth Century. Since then the spread of Christianity has continued unabated ( Full Answer )

Why did Christians come to Britain?

Answer Christianity is known as a proselytising religion. Many Christians feel a compulsion to convert non-Christians. And so, Britain was seen as a fertile ground for converting others.

How did Rome come to adopt Christianity?

As is so often the case, it came down to what the sovereign wanted. When Emperor Constantine chose Christianity, he gave the new religion considerable state patronage and began the long persecution of the pagan religion. The dynastic succession of his sons ensured that Rome would remain under Christ ( Full Answer )

How and when Christian come to the Caribbean?

If my memory serves me right from back in high school, Christianity would have been introduced into the Caribbean when the Spanish invaded looking for gold. They called the Amerindians savages and claimed that they had no religion and forced Catholicism on to them. How different types of Christianit ( Full Answer )

Will Christian be here when the tribulation come?

No, when the rapture comes the Christians will go to be with JESUS CHRIST and sing with the angels and dance around the throne; while the people who didn't believe in the beginning will suddenly start to believe, but then it will be to late because they will have already made their choice. once u ha ( Full Answer )

When Christianity migrated to Russia where did it come from?

When the people of Israel were eventually released from captivity to return to their homeland, some migrated northward. These people are known today as The Lost Tribes. They would have taken the teachings of Christ with them. When Christ returns again the Lost Tribes will also return from the North ( Full Answer )

Jewish and Christian where did they come from?

Jews came from the lineage of the tribe of Judah, while Christians may come from any of the twelve tribes by the fact that they believe in Christ. __________ Even during biblical times, the term Jew was used to refer to people from all 12 tribes. Modern Christianity originated amongst the Roman ( Full Answer )

How did Christian denominations come about?

There are many different circumstances that gave birth to each particular denomination. However, the fundamental issue is almost always that people in the Church who were entrusted with the authoirty and responsibility to maintain unity failed to do so, and/or that Christians lacked the charity the ( Full Answer )

Has the Savior come in Christianity?

well if you get n to it than he has come but he hasn't return we are living in the last days! the world celebrates His birth on Christmas and he lived to b 33 if im correct and he rose and he hasn't return for children! so yes he has come but ain't return! does that answer ur question :)

Where do christians believe the soul comes from?

The soul is the person and not something separate from the body when god created Adam see what he does in this scripture GENESIS 2:7 And Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul did yo ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity come about in the US?

Christianity came to the USA in two branches. For all practical purposes, we can consider that the first branch was brought by English settlers to the region of Virginia in 1607. The settlers were members of the Church of England, and the colony was supported by James I of England. The second ( Full Answer )

When did the christians come to Ireland?

Christianity in Ireland can be dated prior to the 5th century, all that is known is that in 430 Palladius (a British bishop) was sent by Pope Celestine to Scotland and Ireland, but he returned shortly after, in 432 the same Pope sent St Patrick to Ireland, and during his arrival the country was most ( Full Answer )

What year did Christianity come into existence?

Many have pointed to Pentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD, as the day the Spirit of God was released upon the disciples in the Upper Room and many others outside after hearing Peter speak (see Acts 1 and 2).

Did Christianity come from Egypt?

Christianity came from Israel 2000 years ago, where Christ Jesus was born, lived, died, and rose from the dead.

Where do Christians come from?

Many would point to the start of Christianity being Pentecost Sunday, 17 June 31 AD, in Jerusalem, Israel.

Why did the Christianity religion come to existence?

To answer that question; first we need to know more about theperson and the origin of the name christianity. Many people havearound the world have heard something about Jesus Christ, eventhough he lived on earth some 2,000 years ago. Yet, many areconfused about who Jesus really was. Some say that he ( Full Answer )