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Where did World War 2 take place?


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World War II was a truly worldwide conflict, even more extensive than the Great War 30 years earlier. The theaters ranged from Western Europe to Soviet Asia to Africa, and separately in the western Pacific, where Japan had begun their empire by attacking China in 1937.

The United States of America formally entered the Second World War in December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, Western Europe had been at war for 2 years, with France and the Low Countries occupied by the armies of Nazi Germany. The US joined with the Allies (Great Britain, Australia, the French in exile, the northern Slavic states, and later the USSR). They were opposed by the Axis Powers : Germany, Japan, and the dictators of Italy and Spain.

Japan wanted all of the Pacific and any more it could get, and the US had been starving them of oil and raw materials. Unfortunately, the attack on Hawaii had "awakened a sleeping giant" and in the next four years almost every island in the Pacific, China and Japan had seen war.

At war's end, the entire map of Europe had been changed. Much of the continent had been devastated, and more than 11 million noncombatants were killed in horrific manners. In Japan, two cities were instantly destroyed by the newest of mass weapons, the atomic bomb. The two cities were Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


- In Africa (mainly North Africa) Great Britain, the US, and France (the Free French) fought against Germany and Italy.

- In Europe, the Allies (US, UK, France, Russia) fought Germany and Italy, and other Axis allies. Italy joined the Allies after the invasion of the country in 1943.

- In the Pacific Ocean, the US (along with Great Britain, Australia, and the Philippines) fought against the Japanese Empire.

In Eastern Asia, the Soviet Union and China fought against the Japanese Empire.


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