Where did civilization develop?

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Civilization developed near rivers.
The answer to that used to be easy: The Garden of Eden, which we assume to be in the area of Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Then we thought from Richard Leakey's archeology in Africa that we all came from a black women who Leakey called 'Lucy" because she had DNA in common with everyone today.

Then some archeologists found some errors, or at least questionable conclusions on Leakey's part, and thought that we all came from somewhere in Europe or nearby Asia.

Now they think that our common ancestor was African, again, and that these people walked to the other places where we find remains of their civilizations. Some argue that this isn't likely what happened. We may someday know the true answers to questions like yours.
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Where did the first civilization in India develop?

India's first civilization was in the Indus Valley which is locatedin modern day Pakistan and northwestern India. The Indus ValleyCivilization (also known as the Harappan civilization) was a BronzeAge civilization that began around 3300 BCE and was one of threeearly civilizations in the Old World, a ( Full Answer )

Why did civilizations develop where they did?

because the ancient civilizations where there a lon time ago and the had to start to develop because it doesnt matter where it develops as long as it develops.

How does geography effect the development of civilization?

Geography affected the U.S civilization in any ways, it affects the civilization in its location, place, human-environment interaction, movement ad region.Because geography is the study of the world people and places. It also affected the race

When did the first civilizations develop in Mesopotamia?

The area known as Mesopotamia has history dating back to thePre-Pottery Neolithic A period, between 10,000 and 8700 BCE.Records of early dynastic kings in lower Mesopotamia begin in themiddle of the 3rd millenium BCE. Bronze Age Mesopotamia (~2900 BCEto 12th/11th centuries BCE) is considered to be t ( Full Answer )

How did civilization develop?

The development of civilization was a result of a change in the collective psyche of a group of people. The people of our civilization see the world as something that belongs to humans. Our civilization is a way of living that functions hierarchically instead of tribally. It is a way of life that ( Full Answer )

What river did Chinese civilization develop by?

The Yangzi River and Yellow River Two great rivers flow from west to east in China. The Huang He, or Yellow River, stretches for nearly 3,000 miles across northern China. The river often floods, and the floods leave behind layers of silt on the surrounding countryside. Because these floods can be v ( Full Answer )

Where did Chinese civilization develop?

The Xia dynasty (c. 2200 - c. 1750 BC) developed near the Yellow River valley, from a Neolithic culture known as the Longshan culture.

How does pottery connect to the development of civilization?

The existence of pottery indicates food storage, which indicates agriculture over hunter gatherer culture, which may indicate trade. It also indicates specialization of societal members, which indicates more leisure time available. More leisure time is an element that gives a society room and resour ( Full Answer )

A major step in the development of civilization was?

A major step in the development of civilization was the agricultural revolution.. And the infrastructure of water supply and sewage disposal.. And the transportation revolution: harbors, canals, roads, rails, air.. And the industrial revolution: stages of invention, innovation, growth, decline; s ( Full Answer )

What enabled civilizations to develop?

Language, agriculture, record keeping, cities, specialized workers, innovated technology, and complex institutions DONT FORGET TO GIVE ME TRUST POINTS!

Why did a civilization develop in ancient Egypt?

it all start when a dog and a cat start to be come best friend .the dog was like are are dogs and cats .then the cat siad lets go and eat food .and then they went there. abnd went home to kiss /end

What was the first civilization to be developed?

Probably Mesopotamia; it dates back around 8000 years. The earliest known writing came from Mesopotamia. Their counting system was based on 60 - we have 60 seconds to a minute and sixty minutes to an hour from them.

How did early civilizations develop?

Well, it depends on how early you mean. Out of the Neolithic Stone Age, most civilizations developed and flourished near rivers. The further from a water source like that, the less likely they would survive. However, besides that, everything was mostly based upon technology and intuitive thinking ( Full Answer )

The first civilization developed where?

The first civilizations to appear on earth popped up about fivethousand years ago. Ancient Mesopotamia is largely considered thefirst civilization in the history of the world, a civilizationmarked by a writing system, city-states, and many technologicaladvances.

How did civil law develop?

There are two meanings for 'civil law'. 'Civil Law', also called Roman Law, is a system of codified lawthat developed from an ancient Roman Law code known as the Code ofJustinian. The concept eventually spread to other countries as theyadopted their own Civil Law Codes. A Civil Law system has a wri ( Full Answer )

Where did the civilizations developed in?

Some of the most famous are: Nile Valley (Egypt), Tigris and Euphrates (Mesopotamia), Ganges River, China, Myans and Aztecs in southern Mexico, Incas in Peru.

When did the first civilization developed?

The Sumerians developed the first well-known civilization called Mesopotamia. The civilization develped in 3500 B.C. and ended in 1800 B.C.

Where ancient civilizations developed?

Commonly near water, the most stunning of civilizations were near the ocean and near an area called the Fertile Crescent. Water has large part to do with the development of a civilization. Athens, Egypt, and Tenochtilan all used water sources to fuel there development.

How did Sumer develop the features of civilization?

they discovered how to make glass out of sand and they were thefirst people to mix copper and tin to make bronze!!!! No and no. They moved into the Tigris/Euphrates river valley fromthe foothills of the Taurus and Zagros Mountaintains. They reliedon agriculture and the river valley was parched, so ( Full Answer )

How does geography influence the development of civilizations?

Geography impacts the development of civilizations in several important ways. A group of peoples that find themselves in a land locked situation will not be able to take advantage of waterways, river and seas. With no ports, their ability to fish and use commerce by sea impacts their ability to inte ( Full Answer )

Where did the first civilization in China develop and why?

The first civilization in china was called Anyang in 1700 B.C. I don't know why it was made but here is a guess. China was a big place to make a civilization. It had a source of running water which is an ideal place for cities. Could you please answer this question too? How did the geography o ( Full Answer )

Where did the earliest civilization developed?

The earliest civilization started in southwestern Asia on the fertile crescent! These civilizations depended on the surplus. But because of the low rainfall it caused the farmers to use a technique called irrigation. They used the two rivers located in the fertile crescent, Euphrates and Tigris and ( Full Answer )

Where and how did Roman civilization develop?

It developed in Rome. The Romans were Latins and shared the culture of the other Latin cities. It was said that Rome was a fusion between Latins and Sabines who settled there, so there was, at the beginning some influence from these neighbours who leaved on the mountains to the east. Their Etruscan ( Full Answer )

How do human societies develop into civilizations?

Human societies develop into civilizations by having groups specialize in various endeavors. When fewer people need to produce food more people can do other things. Thus the State of Texas in the United States has an economy the same size as that of Russia. The United States needs a lot fewer people ( Full Answer )

Why did the civilizations develop forms of writing?

System of writing is a symbolic system used to represent elements or statements expressible in language. It is also a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbol. It allows for transmission of ideas across vast distances quickly and, most importantly, accurately. Wri ( Full Answer )

Why did early civilizations develop religions?

People have always believed in religion, as far back as can betraced. No natural society ever existed that did not have spiritualbeliefs. It is the tradition of all mankind. The only change thathas taken place is the altering or adapting of religions.

How did the Byzantine develop their own civilization?

When the empire split, Byzantine became its own entity. Over the years, the fall of the other half of the Roman Empire, it began to form its own culture in part because of the lack of Roman influence and abundance of Greek culture in the empire.

How civilization made and developed?

People needed to group together to survive, so eventually groups got large enough to start taking over other groups, and eventually started forming small "countries". Civilizations first started showing up after Farming was developed in Ancient Mesopotamia, which allowed cities to form.

How farming is related to development of civilization?

Early humans had to hunt or gather for food. You could only hunt where the animals were, so migrating animals forced humans to migrate to follow them. Also, you could only gather from the plants that are around you. If the weather gets cold or the plants die off, humans had to move to find more food ( Full Answer )

Where and how did Roman civilizations develop?

There was only one Roman civilisation. It arose from the culture of the Romans (who were theinhabitansts of the city of Rome) and the Latins (the Romans wereLatins) in central Italy. In the early days there were influencesfrom the Sabines, the Etruscans and the Greek colonies ( settlements ) in so ( Full Answer )

What contributed to the development of civilization in Egyp?

The rich soil and location near a major water source were the majorcontributing factors to the development of Egypt. The land that isEgypt was not always a desert. It was once lush and fertile, fed bythe nutrient rich soil of the Nile delta.

How religion influences the development of a civilization?

Looking at the Bible as a reference of a progressive civilization, starting from. Egypt whose knowledge was inspired by the worship of. Gods (i.e mummy, pyramid). Babylonians were also great worshiped idols was characterized by a. very organized government, and again. Romans and greeks were stro ( Full Answer )

The Minoan civilization developed what?

The Minoan civilization helped in the development oval-shaped holes in their tools to fit oval-shaped handles. Therefore, this stopped the spinning.

Why did civilization develop here in Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is situated between two very fertile rivers (the Tigrisand Euphrates), which allowed agriculture to expand for the firsttime in human history. There are other reasons but this is the mainone.

How was the classical civilization developed?

When people settled productive land and produced surplus food, thesurplus enabled the development of civilisation. As thiscivilisation matured, it became sophisticated in its culture andlearning, entering what we call classical periods.