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Where did the Mormons go when moving far west?


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Headquarters of the Church was set up in Salt Lake City, and various groups were sent to organize new cities throughout the west.


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The Mormons went west because people in New York and Illinois did not like them and did not let them practice plural marriages. There were some serious problems of violence against Mormons.

The original migration of Mormons to the west was done by means of covered wagons, drawn by horses; that was the transportation method used at that time in history.

Need more information. From where and when?

Yes, Mormons traveled west over the mountains. Many died when trapped at Donner's pass

The Mormons traveled in covered wagons or with handcarts on the Mormon trail to the salt lake valley in Utah.

As far as major settlements go, they went to Salt Lake City, which is still where the church is based. However, small groups of Church members were sent all over the west to form farming communities in the late 1840's and early 1850s, mostly in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.

The westerners took the Oregon trail when moving west. When they reached the west they settled down and made environments.

To escape religious persecution and because that was the direction the lord had told them to go

West Los Angeles College's motto is 'Go West, Go Far!'.

Mormons went to Utah to practice their religon in peace

The Illinois government had told the Mormons to leave the state. They were prioviously kicked out of Missouri, Ohio, and New York, and other states werent expected to be friendly either. Really, their only option was to go west. Brigham Young didn't need to have an argument, nearly everyone agreed. Joseph Smith had prophesied shortly before he was killed that the people would find refuge in the valleys of the Rocky Mountains, so that is where they set out to go.

Yes. Go to Utah and you'll find tons of Mormons that hunt.

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Go west from Saffron City and enter Celedon City. It's at the far west of the city.

Yes, they can. However, they are encouraged not to marrynon-mormons because of possible religious problems between the couple later in the marraige.

in the east, east of the far east, which is in the west if you go the other way

Mormons believe that they will die and go to one of the three heavens:Celestial (being where God is), Telestial, and Terrestial.

First, see the movie 17 Miracles. But to sum it up: -cold, hypothermia -disease -not enough food and water - just had their little handcarts - had to walk hundreds of miles. -hot, heat-related death -just bad weather in general -couldn't feed animals -animals weren't strong enough or needed more care -people rejected the Mormons, making their lives harder -so many people died, that people couldn't go on -insanity -lost faith So , in general, the mormons had it bad. Answer The Wasach mountains are particularly high and they arrived at the beginning of winter, after a long trip west.

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Not at all! Latter Day Saints (more commonly referred to as Mormons) believe that everyone has a chance in the after life to repent and go to Heaven.

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