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Where did the Renaissance first develop?

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Florence, Italy.

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Which artist was the first to paint in a style that would later develop fully in Renaissance Europe?

Giotto. (apex)

How did Renaissance artists develop a distinctive style?


Why did the Renaissance die out?

The renaissance did not die out, it continued to develop and became the Industrial Revolution, which has since developed into the Information Age.

What type of scenery did the Italians develop during the Renaissance for their indoor theatres?

What type of scenery did the Italians develop

How did the middle class develop during the renaissance?

they had sexual relationship with dogs

What came first the Renaissance or the reformation?

renissance The correct spelling is Renaissance

What was Italy's role in shaping the Renaissance?

Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance. It had enough money to pay for the fantastic art. It had the international trade to develop capitalism.

What came first the Renaissance or the enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the path to Renaissance.

When Did Renaissance first begin?

The Renaissance first began at about the 14 century(1300s). We are not exactly sure when the Renaissance began but most people think about the 1300s.

Who was The first renaissance woman?

The first renaissance woman was Isabella d'Este. she has this tital 'cuz she was a doer thinker.

Where did the Italian Renaissance first occur?

The Italian Renaissance occurred in Italy!

Did Renaissance or the French Revolution come first?

Renaissance before Revolution.

What is the first bone to develop?

The clavicle is the first bone to develop

Why did the Renaissance develop in Italy?

Italy was the ideal place for the Renaissance to develop because it was very urban compared to the rest of Europe at this time. With all the people it was easy for an idea to be exchanged, this immediately made the Renaissance culture very popular. Merchants believed that with all their accomplishments came power which they used to spread the new revolutionary ideas.

Who invented the first telescope during the Renaissance?

The first person that invented the first telescope during the renaissance time was galileo. hope this helped :)

What is the French word for the middle class that began to develop as a result of the renaissance?

that should be 'la bourgeoisie'.

What is a Renaissance women?

first of all "renaissance" means re-birth so a renaissance woman means that they were the first woman to think of how things worked or figured out how things worked.

Who were the first people to develop calendar?

mayans develop the first calander

What was first the crusades or the renaissance?

The crusades came first.

What came first renaissance middle age or enlightenment?

Middle agesRenaissanceEnlightenment

What country was the first in Europe to experience the Renaissance?

The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy and spread from there.

Why did it take so long for the Renaissance movement to reach Italy?

The Renaissance first started in Itlay.

Witch came first renaissance or middle ages?

The Middle Ages came before the Renaissance. Renaissance means rebirth which is how I remember! Hope I helped:)

Who was the first scientist to develop a periodic table?

The first person to develop the first periodic table was Dmitri Mendeleev.

Did opera develop during the classical era?

Opera began at the end of the Renaissance and has been developing ever since.