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We just had the same issue and located the 5 code number with the following information from another site!"I'm not a Ford mechanic, but I have a 2004 F-350 and I can tell you how I did it. The RAP module was mounted on the fire wall behind the radio. I suspect the easiest way to read the code is to remove the radio. If you can't get it out, remove the fuse panel located below the steering column. With a bright flashlight look to the right and up behind the radio and you should see at least part of a large white label. It will have a large bar code on it as well as the words "Canada" and "FCC" among other stuff. The factory code is the bold five digit number located to one side. This was not easy to see. I had to reach up under the panel and push a wiring loom out of the way while my wife looked for the number, but it was easily worth $98." You'll also probably have to move the white batting material because it blocks you from seeing the code. It took us about 10 minutes! We used a flashlight and a dental mirror to assist with seeing the code.

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Program keyless entry ford 2002 F350?

go yo instructions will advise you.

Where do you find Location of computer module for keyless entry code on 2005 f350 diesel?

Under the dash behind the radio mounted on the firewall , move some insulation out of the way from the drives side look up with a flashlight and a mirror to find the 5 digit code on the door module. Save yourself $50 from the dealer is what I was quoted .

Where is the daytime running light module on a 2005 f350?

The daytime running light module on a 2005 F-350 is located underneath the hood. The module will be in the relay box.

Where is the keyless keypad code on a 1999 ford F350?

some can be found on the side of one of the computers around the dash area it will be a five digit number. A ford dealer or a person with a ford diag. computer can retrive this info for you.

Where is the the electronic compass module in a 2006 ford f350?

Mine is a small box attached to the rear view mirror

Do you need to reset the computer after changing the battery on a 2004 ford f350?


Where is my 2007 ford f350 keyless entry code?

Door Code Location...I actually found the door code behind the fuse box area (Driver Side) on my brother's 2000 Ford Expedition EB. There is a big white sticker with 5 numbers starting with number 1####. Hope this helps...

Where is the vsm or vehicle security module located on a 2002 F350 Ford super duty diesel?

mounted to the firewall behind the radio

How do you program a remote key-less entry on 2003 F350?

I have 2003 with two remotes and replaced batteries but will not work . How do you program them ?

Where is located 1999 F350 computer or injection computer Or is it controlled by the same computer located on the drivers side?

Going to assume this is a 7.3L diesel. No the injectors are controlled by a module which is called a IDM or Injector driver module. It is located inside the driver side wheel well. The wheel's splash guard will need to be partially removed to replace or test it. The PCM is the other module located behind the parking brake assembly and the connector goes threw the fire wall which is also located on the drivers side. They are 2 separate modules and they control different components. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Where is the computer on a 2006 f350?

as I recall, it is underneath the passenger side seat. I am not 100% sure though

Will 2003 ford f350 rims fit a 1999 ford f350?

No, the 2003 Ford F350 rims will not fit on a 1999 Ford F350.

Have a 1996 F350 with a 4.9 Stalled while driving on highway No Spark Replaced Module on distributor and electronic module on fender Still no spark Any suggestions?

check you distributer cap and rotor for wear. if so maybe that's it or bad wires.

How do you reset check engine light on 2000 ford F350?

Unhook the battery for about 2 minutes and that will reset the computer.

Will rims off a 2002 ford f350 fit a 1999 ford f350?

Yes, the rims off a 2002 Ford F350 will indeed fir on a 1999 Ford F350.

How many axles in a Ford F350?

The F350 is a two axle vehicle.

What controls glow plugs on f350 2005 diesel?

GPCM ( glow plug control module) is the module that controls the glow plugs along with the PCM. It's located on the right ( passenger side) front valve cover. It has two large square connectors one is green and other is black.

Why does wait to start light stay on for 1 second on 201 F350 7.3 is it controlled by computer?

So that the glow plugs have time to work.

Will a 2006 Ford F350 grill fit a 2002 Ford F350?

no changed in 2003

What is the Difference between ford e350 and f350?

The E350 is an Ecnoline van, The f350 is a Truck

How do you reprogran keyless door entry key pad on 2005 F350 Crewcab?

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM With the keyless entry keypad, you can: • lock or unlock the vehicle doors without using the key. Your vehicle has a factory set 5 digit code that operates the keyless entry system. You can also program your own 5 digit personal entry code. The factory-set code is located: • on the owner's wallet card in the glove compartment • or at your dealer. When pressing the controls on the keyless entry keypad, press the middle of the controls to ensure a good activation. This system will disable the power door lock controls. These will not work until the vehicle is disarmed. Programming your own personal entry code To program your own code: 5. Enter factory set code (keypad will illuminate when pressed). 6. Press 1/2 control within five seconds of step 1. 7. Enter your personal 5 digit code. Enter each digit within five seconds of previous one. 8. After the code is entered, the locks will cycle, confirming that the new code has been set. Do not set a code that includes five of the same number or presents them in sequential order. Thieves can easily figure out these types of codes. Your personal code does not replace the permanent code that the dealership gave you. You can use either code to unlock your vehicle. If a second personal code is entered, the module will erase the first personal code in favor of the new code. Locks and Security 149 Locks and Security If you wish to erase your personal code, use the following instructions: 1. Enter factory set code. 2. Press 1/2 control and release. The system will now only respond to the factory set code. Anti-scan featureThe anti-scan feature prevents repeated attempts at arriving at a valid key code. The keyless entry pad is disabled for 1 minute after 7 unsuccessful attempts (35 consecutive button presses) at entering a valid key code. The keypad will flash during this 1 minute mode. However, the 7/8 and 9/0 controls will still lock the vehicle. Anti-scan will be turned off after: • one minute of keypad inactivity. • the remote entry transmitter UNLOCK button is pressed. • the ignition is turned to the ON position. Unlocking the doors with the keyless entry system To unlock the driver door, enter either the factory set code or the personal code (each digit must be pressed within five seconds of the prior digit). The interior lamps will also illuminate. To unlock all doors, enter the factory set code or personal code (driver door unlocks) and press the 3/4 control within five seconds. Locking the doors with the keyless entry system It is not necessary to enter the factory or personal code prior to locking all doors. To lock the doors: • with the driver's door closed, press the 7/8 control and the 9/0 control at the same time. Locks and Security 150

Ford f350 chassis vin location?

where is the vin located on a ford f350 frame 1989

What miles per gallon ford F350 get?

Miles per gallon of Ford F350 is about 14.

How wide is a2006 ford f350 dully?

how wide is a 2006 f350 dully king ranch

What is the difference between a f150 and a f350?

The Ford F-150 is a half ton truck and the Ford F -350 is a one ton truck lots of difference between f150 and f350 most f350 s have dual wheels on the rear. the f350 has a stronger and heavier chassis.f350 has a bigger cab and a wider and longer bed.the f350 has heavier duty suspension and bigger wheels.f350 usually has a bigger engine and a stronger transmission f350 has bigger brakes and a higher gross vehicle weight rating and f350 usually has a much larger price tag on it when purchased