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My 1996 Mazda 626 LX with 2.0 DOHC did that with the OD light flashing and no reverse and the motor had sudden loss of power, I inspected and found the Mass Sensor connector wires bare and touching each other. I replaced the connector and it fixed the problem. I hope it helps. I got the connector from Oreilly Auto Store and looked up Mighty Help 4 wire connector for Ford Mass Sensor and had to special order it. They run about 10-15 dollars. You can get one from the Ford Dealer but dont tell them its for the Mazda or they will not help you. Its the same connector they use for the 1996 Ford Taurus Coil Pack.

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What is code p1870 for 1999 s10 blazer?

Trouble code P1870 means: Transaxle Component Slipping (4T60-E)

BMW fault code p0604?

Trouble code P0604 means: Powertrain Control Module Random Access Memory (RAM) Error

To put a new clutch in your 1996 Saturn SL1 Is it easier to pull the engine out to do this?

You'll need to either pull the engine or the transaxle. The engine would be far less trouble, but it will still be a bit of trouble.

What does DTC P0603 for a PS Diesel mean?

Trouble code P0603 means: Powertrain Control Module Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Error

The service engine soon light came on on a 2000 Camero The scanning code found P1870 What does this mean and what should you do. What do you mean by code of death?

Trouble code P1870 means: Transaxle Component Slipping (4T60-E) Replace the sensor on the transaxle

What Does the 1999 Chevy Tahoe on board diagnostic code P1870 mean?

Trouble code P1870 means: Transaxle Component Slipping (4T60-E)

Why would a car get stuck in reverse?

Broken cable or linkage? Transmission trouble (?)

Where is the transaxle reset on Chrysler Concorde?

Chrysler does not have reset switches. You need to check for trouble codes with a scan tool.Chrysler does not have reset switches. You need to check for trouble codes with a scan tool.

What is a P0441 trouble code for a 2004 Dodge Neon?

P0441 - Evaporative Emissions System "Leak Detection Pump" or "Powertrain Control Module" replace whatever is under warranty first.

What causes Ford check engine light?

The powertrain control module has detected a possible problem with the emission control system. Have your vehicle scanned for any trouble codes in order to repair the problem.

What is pcm powertrain contol module for a Buick transmission?

The PCM is short for powertrain control module. It monitors the engine and transmission and makes everything work together. For example, the PCM will check the vehicle speed, RPM, throttle position and tell the transmission when to do a 2-3 upshift or downshift when necessary. It also logs trouble codes if there's a problem.

How do you get the od light stop flashing?

The O/D off light flashing indicates that the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction - have the Explorer scanned for trouble codes in order to diagnose and repair the problem

1995 ford explorer check engine light is flashing on an off while engine is running?

The powertrain control module has detected a malfunction Take it in and have it scanned for trouble codes in order to have the problem repaired (Helpfull)

Why is your engine light on in your 95 ford explorer?

Your check engine light will come on if the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction with your emission control system - have the vehicle scanned for any trouble codes to diagnose and correct the problem

Code P0750 and P1768?

Trouble code P0750 means: A/T Low/Reverse Solenoid Circuit Failure Trouble code P1768 means: Relay always off (relays are stuck open)

Is American Reverse a good mortgage company?

With so many mortgage companies in trouble American Reverse provides great service and good rates. They come highly recommended by those not interested in large corporations.

How do you change the driver side axle on a 1990 accord lx?

ok quick remove axle nut then ya wanna split the control arm top or bottom (i remove from top easier)may need to remove brake caliper so the control arm will move out of the way to remove axle from wheel breaing then axle should pop out of the transaxle or you may need to pry it lightly from the transaxle the reverse process take about a hour maybe more depending on your level on expertice------- tools 32 mm socket i believe for axle nut ------ ball joint seperator for control arm-----assortment of metric sockets for caliper if removed--- hammer possibly if axle gives you trouble coming out of bearing---prybarpossibly for removing it from transaxle......good luck anything elese

What does 3 fast flashes pause then 4 fast flashes mean on 1991 acura legend?

That would be a Diagnostc Trouble Code (DTC), #34. Powertrain Control Module (PCM), backup voltage circuit, low voltage.

What part of the transmission causes the reverse not to work on a 96 Chev 1500?

If youre going to go through the trouble of repairing the reverse you might as well rebuilt the entire trannei with better parts and be done. Case closed.

What does code 55 mean on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Code 55 comes at the end of every code reading. It tells you that that is the end of the trouble codes. What ever code you get before it is the problem. If you get no code before, then you have no problems that you powertrain control module recognizes.

Why does the fan hit the fan shroud when you are in reverse only on a 96 Chevy pickup?

Your motor mount is broke on the passenger side replaceit and your trouble will be solved

What does this code mean 2004 dodge caravan p1776?

Trouble code P1776 means: A/T Solenoid Switch Latched In Low/Reverse Position

If the manual transmission has trouble going in reverse but shifts in all other gears fine and you can not start the car in reverse. what is wrong?

If the engine is running/idling to high, it will make putting it into reverse very difficult. Manual transmissions rarely have internal problems aside from clutch assembly replacement. That's not to say it couldn't have a problem though.

What type of obd connector does a 1995 dodge Dakota pickup have?

The diagnostic trouble codes on all models can be extracted from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) using the (OBD-1) scan tool. The connector is along the wiring harness under the hood, on the firewall on the passenger side.

What is trouble code P1776 on a Chrysler 300m?

Solenoid switch valve latched in the low reverse position. You either have a failed solenoid or a stuck valve in the valve body.