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Where is Lt William Callie?

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A Vietnam veteran, Ronald Ridenhour, threatened to reveal what he had been told about My Lai. This forced the United States Army to conduct an investigation into the incident. The official inquiry resulted in the court martial of only Lt. Calley. The Army did take steps to prosecute others involved in My Lai. About two dozen men were charged, including Captain Medina, but Calley was the only one convicted. On 29 March 1971, Calley was convicted of the premeditated murder of 22 civilians. (He had been accused of killing 109) He was sentenced to life in prison at hard labor. President Nixon intervened on Calley's behalf and ordered him to serve his sentence under house arrest. Various appeals brought his sentence down to 20 and then 10 years. Calley was released after serving three and one half years under house arrest, most of the time served at his apartment in Fort Benning, during which time he was allowed visits by his girlfriend. Many felt (feel) he was the scape-goat for My Lai. From the information I can find on the net, at sites like Find, William Calley is currently living in Ohio, is 63 or 64 years old, and working as a jeweler. MrV

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