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Where is Plymouth Rock located?

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Plymouth Rock is located in Plymouth Harbor at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The rock is specifically found on the shore of Plymouth Harbor in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The actual rock is not the original which was a 15 foot long boulder. The replica is much smaller and is now located behind a waterfront promenade for visitors to see.

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What happened to Plymouth rock after it was founded?

Plymouth Rock is still located in Plymouth, Mass. It is the colony of Plymouth that was founded and not the rock.

Plymouth Rock is located in Which State?

Plymouth Rock is located in Massachusetts, seeing as the Pilgrims landed there.

What is the address of Plymouth Rock?

Plymouth Rock is traditionally considered the place where the Pilgrims landed, disembarked,and founded the Plymouth Colony in 1620. Plymouth Rock is located on Water Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Where is Plymoth Rock located?

Plymouth Rock is located in Plymouth, MA. It is the traditional point at which the passengers aboard the Mayflower disembarked onto the New World.

What state is Plymoth Rock located in?

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Where is the oldest city in the US located?

plymouth rock

What US state is Plymouth Rock in?

Plymouth Rock is in the state of Massachusetts, about forty miles south of Boston. The area is frequently visited by tourists, as it is also near another popular site, Plimoth Plantation.

What stone is located near the mayflower in 1620?

Plymouth rock.

Did the pilgrims settle in Plymouth or Plymouth Rock?

they settled at the plymouth rock.

Is Plymouth rock a metamorphic rock?

Plymouth Rock is granodiorite which is an igneous rock.

What date did the pilgrims land at Plymouth?

The pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. They landed at Plymouth Rock, which is located in the state of Massachusetts.

What state is Plymouth rock in?

Plymouth Rock is in Massachusetts.

In which state is Plymouth Rock in?

Plymouth Rock is in Massachusetts.

Where did the pilgrims land?

The Pilgrims landed on The Plymouth Rock located in down town Plymouth, Massachusetts, after leaving England for there religious beliefs.

What was the location of the first Thanksgiving?

well it was located in Plymouth near the Plymouth rock but no one knows for sure exactly where it took place.

What US state has the longest history?

I assume Massachusetts because that is where Plymouth Rock is located.

What kind of rock is Plymouth Rock?

the Plymouth Rock was found in December 21, 1620

What is Plymouth known for?

Plymouth Rock

Where is Plymouth located?

Plymouth is located in in EnglandPlymouth, England is located on the south west coast of England in the county of Devon

Who settled Plymouth rock?

Plymouth Rock is where the Pilgrams got off the Mayflower and settled.

Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth rock?

the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth rock in 1620(: (Novanet)

What is the possessive word for Plymouth Rock?

The possessive form of the proper noun Plymouth Rock is Plymouth Rock's.example: Plymouth Rock's inscription reads "1620".

Is Plymouth rock the size of a car engine?

Plymouth Rock is far larger than any engine Plymouth ever made

In what state is Plymouth located?

Plymouth is actually located in Southeastern Massachusetts.

What is a Plymouth rock?

Plymouth Rock is a marker to commemorate the place where where the Pilgrims got off the Mayflower.