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Singapore is in South-East Asia sandwiched between Malaysia,Indonesia and probably the Philippines. The closest Caucasian country is Australia,in fact,many actually have stopovers in Singapore before going to the land down under. Singapore was occupied by the Japanese during World War II.During that time it was colonised by the British.Singapore suffered alot just like any other war victims.Speaking of which,there should be more female rulers,then this world would have everlasting peace!!!!

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Q: Where is Singapore and why was it important in World War 2?
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Will Singapore have World War 2?

World War 2 has already passed and it one part of it was in Singapore in the 1960s

What led to world war 2 in Singapore?

Britains military base at Singapore.

Did world war 2 affect Singapore and british rule?

Singapore was overrun by the Japanese Army during World War II.

What food was served in Singapore during World War 2?

See website on Singapore.

When did Singapore fall in the Fall of Singapore in World War 2?

15 Feb 1942

When Did Singapore fall in World War 2?

Singapore fell to Japan in 15 Feb, 1942

Who ruled Singapore before world war 2?

The British

When was Singapore attacked during world war 2?


What impact did the fall of Singapore have on Australia during World War 2?

Singapore was an impregnable fortress for Australia.

What occupations did people have in Singapore before World War 2?

with my genitals

What countries did Japan occupy in World War 2?

Singapore, in Indonesia.

What date is fall of Singapore in World War 2?

1942,15th Feb.

What was the cause of shortage of jobs in Singapore after world war 2?

I can answer this question!

Where was Edward Weary Dunlop when he was captured in world war 2?


Where was Edward Weary Dunlop captured in World War 2?


What were Britisher's weaknesses in Singapore's World War 2?

Britain's only weakness at Singapore was violating the number "One" rule of war: Underestimating the enemy.

How many places in Singapore did the Japanese take in World War 2?

the japenese took over 27 places in Singapore

What is the of price tapioca in Singapore during World war 2?

10 cents

Who was involved in Singapore World War 2?

well Australia british,japanese

What as the most important invention that was in World War 2?

The most important invention in world war 2 was the atomic bomb.

What other ports were attacked in World War 2?

Singapore, ports in the Philippines, and Indochina.

How did the Japanese enter Singapore in World War 2?

From Malaysia via the Causeway on bicycles.

What does BMA stands for after World War 2 in Singapore 1950s?

british military administration

What are some types food do Singapore have during World War 2?

Sea biscuts

How many people died in world war 2 battle of Singapore?

People were killed