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Why was Singapore an important target in World War 2?

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Japan wanted to get a better position to take countries like Australia. Singapore was a perfect spot for such an attack.

Singapore was a very important port during 1893 to the Start of World War 2, Japanese wanted to seize it to secure trade routes, main reason is to make it easier for them to invade other countries, another reason is because they wanted secure trade routes for them to earn money from trades and taxes.

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Will Singapore have World War 2?

World War 2 has already passed and it one part of it was in Singapore in the 1960s

Did world war 2 affect Singapore and british rule?

Singapore was overrun by the Japanese Army during World War II.

Have they had a war in Singapore?

No civil wars or any wars within the country. The only war I know of that has happened in Singapore was World War II, when Singapore was conquered by the Japanese.

What led to world war 2 in Singapore?

Britains military base at Singapore.

When did Singapore fall in the Fall of Singapore in World War 2?

15 Feb 1942

What food was served in Singapore during World War 2?

See website on Singapore.

When Did Singapore fall in World War 2?

Singapore fell to Japan in 15 Feb, 1942

What impact did the fall of Singapore have on Australia during World War 2?

Singapore was an impregnable fortress for Australia.

When did Japan annex Singapore?

The Japanese occupied Singapore during World War II, from 1942 to 1945.

Where is Singapore and why was it important in World War 2?

Singapore is in South-East Asia sandwiched between Malaysia,Indonesia and probably the Philippines. The closest Caucasian country is Australia,in fact,many actually have stopovers in Singapore before going to the land down under. Singapore was occupied by the Japanese during World War II.During that time it was colonised by the British.Singapore suffered alot just like any other war victims.Speaking of which,there should be more female rulers,then this world would have everlasting peace!!!!

When was Singapore attacked during world war 2?


Who ruled Singapore before world war 2?

The British

What countries did Japan occupy in World War 2?

Singapore, in Indonesia.

What date is fall of Singapore in World War 2?

1942,15th Feb.

What was the cause of shortage of jobs in Singapore after world war 2?

I can answer this question!

What occupations did people have in Singapore before World War 2?

with my genitals

How much does call of duty world at war cost in Singapore?


Where was Edward Weary Dunlop when he was captured in world war 2?


Where was Edward Weary Dunlop captured in World War 2?


How many places in Singapore did the Japanese take in World War 2?

the japenese took over 27 places in Singapore

What happened to Singapore after the world war 2 affecting mass consumption?

See Website: Malaya and Singapore December 8, 1941-February 18, 1942 World... Internet links: Singapore from 1942-1964

Which group was not a target of racism in the US during world war 2?

White anglo saxon protestants were not a target of racism in the US during world war II

What is the of price tapioca in Singapore during World war 2?

10 cents

Who was involved in Singapore World War 2?

well Australia british,japanese

Which European colonial power took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore?

During World War II, Singapore was occupied by the Japanese Empire. After the war, the British Empire took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore.