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If this transmission is equipped with a modulator valva it will be on the frontside of the transmission. Pointing towards the radiator. Its a round canister with a vacuum line plugged into it.

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Q: Where is automatic transmission modulator on 1995 cutlass supreme?
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Where does transmission fluid go in a cutlass supreme?

Automatic-thru tube w/narrow funnel.

How do you remove a transmission from an Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

what are the steps to take off transmission from a Oldsmobile cutlass supreme

What kind of transmission fits a 95' cutlass supreme?

The GM 4T60-E is the stock transmission on the 95 Cutlass Supreme.

How do you remove the starter from 1991 cutlass supreme?


What size transmission is used on 1993 cutlass supreme?


Where is the transmission drain plug located on a 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

The transmission drain plug is actually not located on the 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. This car has a transmission pan that has to be removed rather than a drain plug.

What kind of transmission does a 1976 cutlass supreme have?

a BOP turbo 350.

Can i replace my 95 cutlass supreme transmission with a 92?

no it ruins the steering wheel

What size transmission comes in a 1987 cutlass supreme?

It's a metric 200R4

Where is the automatic transmission modulator located on a 1995 Cutlass Supreme?

if you look at the intake (where your air filter boxs' hose goes to) on the front side near the tps and iacv there is a metal line that threads in, if you follow this line it runs down the back of the motor and terminates into a rubber hose near the top of the tranny, this hose goes into the transmission modulator valve. it will be easier to see and work on if you remove the air filter box completely( which may sound like a pain but believe me it makes it much easier). hope that helps.

What kind of transmission fluid do you need for a 1995 Cutlass Supreme?

dextron 11e/111

What type of transmission came on a 1980 cutlass supreme?

A 1980 Cutlass Supreme could have come with either any one of these Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions: TH200C, TH350, TH350C, TH375, or TH400