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Where is crank sensor on a 106 Peugeot?

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โˆ™ 2010-07-07 12:00:31

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front of engine next to gear box

i just looked and i cant see it is it underneath the engine ?

2010-07-07 12:00:31
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Where is the speed sensor on a Peugeot 106 diesel?

on the gear box

Do all Peugeot 106 xsi have a lambda sensor fitted?


Will a peugeot 106 start without an engine temperature sensor?

If that is the only problem, then yes.

Peugeot 106 cooling fan runs all the time?

Low on coolant or your sensor needs attention.

Dashboard lights on Peugeot 106?

What's the question? Yes, a peugeot 106 has dashboard lights.

Is Peugeot 106 considered vintage?

No the Peugeot 106 is not considered vintage. This is true because the Peugeot 106 was made in the year 1991. To be a vintage car you have to be around for more the 20 years

Loss of power in Peugeot 806?

Have an auto electrician check the crank sensor. Could however also be the fuel pump.

Where is the map sensor on a peugeot 106 zest?

If it's anything like mine you should find it just underneath the windscreen wiper areaAnd if its anything like mine, pug 106 Zest XN, it doesn't have a MAP sensor. ;)

Where is the air intake temperature sensor a 1998 peugeot 106?

it is located on the inlet manifold below throttle body you need to remove manifold and remove sensor from underside

Will Peugeot 306 gti engine fit a Peugeot 106?


Do peugeot 106 alloy wheels fit a peugeot 205?

Yes, as long as your wheels are 4 stud. Some peugeot 106 models are 3 stud.

Do Peugeot 106 alloys fit on Peugeot 206 wheels?


Where are Peugeot 106 cars manufactured?

Peugeot 106 cars are no longer manufactured. If you want to buy one, you must buy it second hand. However, the Peugeot 106 was originally manufactured in France. They were also manufactured in Tunisia.

Were is the Air temp sensor Peugeot 207?

Where is the IAT sensor in a peugeot 207

Where is the crankcase sensor located on a 2003 pt cruiser turbo?

It does not have a crank case sensor.It does not have a crank case sensor.

Solenoid on a Peugeot 106?

which one?

Can you hotwire a Peugeot 106?


Where can you get the wiring diagram for the ignition key immobilizer on a Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel Mardi Gras?

Peugeot 106 workshop manual.

Who makes Peugeot 106 door?

i have a peugeot 106 zest 3 1.5 s reg probulem with rear door not closing propely

In what years were the 106 GTI Peugeot vehicles produced?

The 106 GTI Peugeot vehicle was in production from 1996-1999 as a French vehicle. The original Peugeot vehicle was first introduced in the fall of 1991.

Will peugeot 306 wings fit on a 106?


How much does a Peugeot 106 weigh?


Is there a crank sensor on a 93 suburban?

NO. A crank sensor are cam sensor was not introduced until the year 1996.

What is a crank sensor for a 1995 blazer?

A 1995 blazer does not have a crank sensor. SORRY

Where is the crank sensor located on 1989 camaro rs?

That year did not have a crank sensor.