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Where is fuse for the instrument panel gauges on a 1983 Nissan truck?

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βˆ™ 2005-01-20 06:01:41

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It will be down underneath the dash with the rest of the fuses. If you have only one guage that is malfunctioning, it will probably not be a fuse. Either the sending unit is bad, or the guage itself.

2005-01-20 06:01:41
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What would cause gauges on a car instrument panel to read erratically?

In drivng a jacked up truck, my gauges very seldom read right. For one, if you have a lifted or lowered car or truck, the gausges are going to be slightly off. 2. your alternador may be going bad or have a loose battery wire.

Where is turn signal flasher located on 1977 ford custom truck?

The turn signal flasher on a 1977 Ford custom truck is behind the instrument panel. The instrument panel is located to the right of the steering wheel.

What would cause all of the gauges in the dash of a 1991 Nissan truck not to work?

a fuse or a bad connection where it plugs in to the dash

How do i Change digital instrument panal to standard panel?

I have a 1993 GMC sonoma truck that came with a digital instrument panel and i want to change to a standard panel. can this be done without changeing the wire harness or plug.

What controls the instrument panel on a 1998 ford truck none of my gauges work?

if no gauges at all work, i would say that u need new instrument cluster in dash before doing this however i would check the fuses a bad alternator will also do this if engine is running and battery is low,as there is not enuff power to run everything,this tho is generally only at night when lights,etc are on

Is it easy to diagnose the short I have from my gauges in the instrument panel as it keeps blowing fuses when I shift my 97 Expedition?

Hi I had this happen once. I found the wires rubbing on the shifting linkage. ( in the middle of the AL CAN H way ) Under the truck Bill

Where is the instrument panel light bulb located in a 1988 Ford F150 truck?

There are quite a few of light bulbs on the instrument panel. You get to them from the back of the panel. Some instrument panels can be disconnected and pulled forward enough to get to the back, other panels have to be worked on "in place".

Where is the fuse panel on a 1986 Nissan truck?

Located on left side, underneath steering column.

Chevy s-10 truck and fuse box?

Open the driver side door and there should be a removable panel now visible inside the truck, at the left end of the instrument panel.

Is there a recall on 2004 Chevrolet avalanche truck instrument panel?

yes, there was a recall on instrument panel. specifically the speedometer/odometer would malfunction... I received the recall in the mail and had it taken care of at dealer with no cost

What is a panel truck?

A panel truck is a small delivery truck with a fully enclosed body.

What could cause the AC lighter and heater control panel light to not work on a 1989 Nissan truck?

check the fuse

Is there recall on 2004 Chevrolet pick up truck instrument panel?

I just received a notice in the mail for the reclass of the instrument panel on my '04 Chevy avalanche. I am glad this has come, I have been driving over 120 MPH for weeks now!

Will a 91 Nissan truck transmission fit a 94 Nissan truck?

no sir

When was Nissan Hardbody Truck created?

Nissan Hardbody Truck was created in 1986.

How do you disconnect drive indicator PRND from instrument panel 1981 dodge truck?

It is usually hooked up at the column by a clip and string.

Will Chevy truck rims fit a Nissan truck?

Will chevy rims fit a nissan

Will a 1995 nissan truck transmission work in a 1997 nissan truck?

of course it can work

Why won't the door open from the inside on a Nissan truck?

The usual reason that a door will not open from the inside on a Nissan truck is because the door handle is broken on the inside. The door panel will have to be removed and the door handle repaired or replaced to open the door from the inside again.

Where do you find a wire for an amp gauge on a Ford truck?

It will depend on the year and model, and what the heck are you doing. Are you attempting to convert a vehicles instrument panel from one without an amp instrument to one that has one? Are you adding an amp instrument from after-market? You probably don't have any wires, the entire instrument panel plugs in to a central wiring harness at some point.

Will a 1984 Nissan truck transmission fit in a 1992 Nissan truck?

ask tyler kincey

What would make all the gauges shut down on a 2006 silverado Chevy the truck keeps on running?

A blown fuse or the instrument cluster has failed. The cluster must be replaced as a unit.

Where will I get a key for my 1990 Nissan truck?

Nissan dealer

Where is the clutch fluid on a 1993 Nissan pickup truck?

Where is the clutch fluid on 1993 nissan pickup truck.

Will 1993 4-cylinder Nissan truck engine fit a 1991 Nissan truck?